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Sequel needed. Punch line: Carson Palmer says, "I'd give MY appendix for another winning season..."

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Sad, but true. They should be called "government cohabitations corporations" rather than marriages :)

12 years ago @ Lutheran Logomaniac - Perspective: Conventio... · 0 replies · +1 points

Pastor Peperkorn, thank you so much for your work in Houston.

As I was watching some of the proceedings over the last couple of days, I couldn't help but think of Ted Kober. I had seen his work at the Model Theological Conference on Worship. I fear his message of forgiveness and reconciliation is significantly harmed by the method of debate which squelched the voice of the convention. All of those PRO votes, and nobody speaking PRO in the debate, so therefore not many CON people got their say. It was as if everything had been decided before the convention. It grieved me.

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In a word, yes. The more voices the merrier.

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Definitely want to leave it up if it's not a financial drain on you. Other sites reference your stuff, and you can always come back. When/if you do, the RSS readers will let us know you're back.

Thanks for blogging!

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I just emailed him and said he needed to put them in a podcast. :)

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If I may nitpick, the Hindenburg caught fire and then dropped onto the structure. The analogy would be more accurate if the Democrats were the hydrogen, the public were the ruptured line, Brown was the spark that ignited, and Obama...wait, the picture got that one right. ;)

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Pocket Tunes competes more closely with Tuner than Pandora in my opinion, and it beats Tuner hands down. It plays both WMA and MP3 radio streams, letting people "Listen Live" to terrestrial radio stations that provide a link.

I do have a small complaint: When setting a favorite to listen to the internet version of a terrestrial station, Pocket Tunes seems to bookmark the web page that leads to the streaming URL, rather than the URL itself. The result is that when you click on your favorite, the web page pulls up, and then you have to hit play. It would be nice if you could hit your favorite and it would start playing the stream right away.

Another good thing is that Pocket Tunes has a record button, so if you hear something you like and may want to listen to it later, you can. Great feature.

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One year of federal subsidy for Nebraska Medicaid recipients is cheap compared to the lives he just voted to throw away.

There is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat.

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Can we have a Bronx or a Queens declaration that doesn't mention MLK Jr? :)