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You can purchase one at http://passport.eparks.com/store/

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Add a light to your After Effects comp and play around with the light Material options (shortcut AA on the light layer)

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I repaired the link. http://www.damonledet.com/wp-content/uploads/2009... I do not have the sample page up anymore as I am no longer running Coldfusion. Hope this helps out.

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Yes you can download the code at http://learncf.com/zip/19

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You will have to copy the header and footer information from your theme's page template. Should look like <?php get_header(); ?> and possibly a div tag as well, depends on the theme you are using.

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Sure add comment_excerpt(); to the code in my author demo code. Just make sure it is inside the echo tag or you need to display the comment excerpt with <?php comment_excerpt(); ?>

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Not sure about this error I did find this http://media.datadirect.com/download/docs/slnk/er...

"Error 2315. The server received the handshake request and returned a non-IIOP reply that the client could not understand.

# You may be connecting with a previous, incompatible version of the SequeLink Client (SequeLink 4.x) to a SequeLink 5.5 Server:

* The client receives an error message that informs you that the server has closed the connection during the initial handshake."

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You will have to open port 2399 on the filemaker server computer.

If on Windows Control Panel -> Firewall
If on Macintosh System Preferences -> Security -> Firewall

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On the Filemaker database create a user File -> Manage Accounts & Privileges and give that user the rights that you want Coldfusion to have (read only, write, etc)

Run Filemaker server admin and make sure you have ODBC/JDBC checked for the database you want to access via ODBC.

On the server running Coldfusion install SequeLink, create a System DSN using the ip address of your filemaker server and the user credentials you created in step one.

Lastly in coldfusion administrator create a new datasource point to the system DSN you created.

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You can edit your comments.php and add this for the author line:
<a href ="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/?author=<?php echo $comment->user_id ?>"><?php echo $comment->comment_author?>