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very interesting. cross-grading for existing protools users is $250, but requires the $40 ilok.

i almost bought the m box micro some time ago so i could edit mixes on the plane. pretty awesome to not need an interface now.

since it's no longer proprietary hardware - anyone have recommendations? i have a digi003 rack right now and would love to sell it (goes for $800ish) to get a new, third party rack unit that does the same thing.

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portland rules

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yeah, the hd video is huge for me too. i had a flip minohd for that purpose but it got smashed thanks to alaska airlines' luggage handling.

my understanding is that the multitasking doesn't actually allow background processes, but actually just pauses the app, so to speak, so you can quickly launch back into it. not the solution for pandora / lastfm etc, but for switching between synths on the fly it could be perfect.

as a music fan in general, a dream iphone feature would be INPUT GAIN!!! i want to use that hd video to capture some live shows, but there's no way to manage the peaking audio.

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ha! perhaps.

i was thinking, part of why this may seem like a flat article is that i already have an iphone 3g. there are a few reasons to upgrade to the new model (i already want one), but not a single one of those has to do with my music.

unless somehow the multitasking could prove a quick and effective way to switch between wholly different sounds in a live setting. that would be badass and perhaps motivating to actually integrate my phone into my live rig.

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i love the ipad and iphone coverage, but this reads like you're trying to justify the purchase for yourself.

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this track is absolutely gorgeous and ugly. the brass drop at 2:35 is so cool! i've wanted more brass in NIN songs ever since "pilgrimage".

as for reznor - it's kinda funny, in 2005 when he resurfaced live, he was buff as an action figure. looks really chubby in this article photo. in the recent HTDA video and photos, he looks really skinny

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the only time i've ever heard a believable guitar tone was from crash kings. they use some sort of controller that has a gigantic whammy bar:

doesn't sound as good here as it did live, but i was very impressed at the time.

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hot damn!

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i love seeing this stuff but it's a bit much sometimes, i agree.

i would recommend synthtopia follows the gizmodo path and, unless it's super crazy and deserves a full article, does weekly "This week in ipad music apps" posts.

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"i dint want an ipad at all, until i saw some of the vids here"