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Great post! I love RSS, it's simple and easy. All sites should have an RSS feed option.

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Great list!

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I love customization but that doesn't always work. Sites like MySpace have some really bad designed profiles with blinking text, huge backgrounds, and unreadable text. On the other hand, almost all Facebook profiles have the same calm blue feel. I'm not against customization, but don't let people get too crazy with it.

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In respects to blackbird:
Mozilla should just quit the whole "blackbird" browser before they start controversy.
Just the name itself is offending. Blackbird can come from the word "blackbirding" which "refers to the recruitment of people through trickery ". This can be linked back to slavery. This is unacceptable. As technoevangelists, we can make sure the Church, at least on the web, doesn't go the same direction.