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To the authors of this commentary, "Have you contacted the "good Christian pastor" and sent him a copy of this article? If not, why not? Go directly to these "knuckleheaded" Christians committing suicide in the name of the Peaceful Religion - Islam.

What a pathetic jackass is Pasotor what's his face. I'm just disgusted. Christians are so damnable stupid and ignorant of their history vis a vis Islam and psychopathic Muslims.

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Ultimately, NOTHING will come of this because the House will refuse to put Hillary and others under oath.____ Only then could they send them to jail because of their blatent lies to the American People.

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Why don't we just publish the names of these terrorist supporters and criminals. Vigilante justice is needed. Death to Islamofascists! Hmmmm, can we do that?

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Why are Europeans such COWARDS? IslamoFascism has to be stopped NOW, or Europe is finished. Well, actually Europe has already given in to Muslim IslamoNazis and is finished. Just a matter of time until Sharia Law takes hold and Ethnic Europeans can convert or pay the jizya tax. ____Welcome to IslamoEuropa...

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Nicholas Kristoff has been living tooooo long in the liberal elitist cocoon of the NYTimes and its liberal environs. He is totally clueless about the most basic facts of life. Burying overhead lines is the most incredibly STUPID idea, unless of course you are a liberal and believe money grows on the Federal Government GreenBack Tree, which with Burnanke it does.

Just stupid. You wouldn't want this guy to be making any decisions regarding your life.

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Joe is a manic-depressive, now called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, jackass. He lied about Behghazi; he lied about voting against the two wars. The problem isn't this sociopathic, lying CLOWN. The problem is that there are so many American Citizens voting DEMOCRAT who are totally IGNORANT or just DON'T CARE.

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Lies, lies and damned lies. It continues to amaze me that they get away with this garbage. The lame stream media has always reported the building of apartments in Jerusalem as though it was in the area controlled by the Palestinians.

Israel is the only Democratic Nation in the Middle East and they are our allies. We continue to play games with the intolerant, barbaric 7the Century Islamists surrounding Israel. Damn them all!

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It's really SIMPLE to me. The IDIOTS who like Obama are uninformed, miseducated and LAZY. They themselves want to be liked and "feel good" about liking a black President. After all, look what nice children he has. We are living in a Nation of MORONS. It may be too late.

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I hope Mitt Romney unequivocally states that "...Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel..." and says that as President he will give full support to our ally Israel in the Middle East.

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It is really time that the Catholic Church, practicing Catholics and all people of faith begin kicking the a** of the Socialist-Marxist demogogues in control of our present Administration. Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Fascists thinking wants to DESTROY our Constitution and the inalienable Rights given to us by our Creator.

The government DOES NOT give us our Right to Religious Freedom or any right expressed, implied or other not specifically enumerated as a government responsibility.... Thes people have to be DESTROYED POLITICALLY or we are going to have another American Revolution and it will not be peaceful.