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From my (scarce) knowledge Pwllheli badges seem to be quite rare. The 50's badges seem to go for a nice price at the moment I would expect a Pwllheli 1952 to go for the same general price as the 1950 badges in general ie easily in excess of £5 + P and P.

So to answer (Badly) yes it is desirable but it isn't a huge moneymaker. A good example of which came up on ebay a while ago and went for £180

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comparing this to the original, he actually looks really annoyed!!

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I could certainly accept that. The style of the badge would lend it to being older and the clasp is also markedly different from most of the later badges.

I'm glad you like the site, one thing that has struck me since I started collecting is the sheer lack of information on these individual items available online. Certainly the knowledge is there as its not yet out of living memory (quite) but it doesn't seem to have been committed to paper. One thing i am looking to do is increase my knowledge of the badges and the history of them alongside my knowledge of the history of the camps and locations themselves.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Never get between a Granny and the shops. The true way to knw if thats what she wanted was the time? Was it 9am known worldwide as Granny shop Time? Or maybe it was pension day (that always causes riots).

I'm guessing that you finally got home if you are blogging!

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I am more then happy to host readers images in articles, I have sent you an email Malcolm. Thanks for visiting.

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I understand perfectly NeeNaw. We get a similar thing in the CCTV world where you get very well acquainted with local PITA's then then go an do something silly and they are gone. Oddly though they were always a pain you still miss them.

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You need to supply your own kleenex. Personally I want to replace it with the Bosch S4D W4I\IK3R ive heard that one is brilliant

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Can you imagine how hard it is to work with you!!!

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Ahhh but it was close exposure to you that put them there! :p

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Bah I have colleagues like you that murder the Quality Street every Christmas!