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Good report even if it ignores the ultimate definition of any political party - it's progam and aims. I do not think that spin decides elections - otherwise just ask Terry O'Reilly and go home.

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Good one on you .... this surge is no surge but the result of years of expending precious few resources on Quebec - asking what they want both in a Canadian and an independent context.

No surge - it comes from hard work that finally has come to fruition.

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for those interested .....

Chevron Canada begins drilling deepest offshore well

about 425 km north east of St. John's. It is about a thousand metres deeper than the one in the Gulf of Mexico.

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That was my understand as well - they have been mandatory for dry land rigs for some time - although the Conservatives tend to alter safety regs with an abandon that can easily be classed as wild and crazy.

If these things are in place - the next question is will they work - it seems they were also in place in the Gulf of Mexico - in fact are still in place.... not working, but definitely there.

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Please share with us, Sam just what has Mr. Harper accomplished?

He damn near managed to unite the opposition, but ran away from that conflict,
He damn near deep 6ed the country economically denying there was a global economic down turn,
He did manage to humiliate the country in front of the world at Copenhagen, but that does not count.
He did manage to piss off the American Sec. of State with some of his cro-magnon foreign policies.
He did manage to expose the Liberals as conservative's by another name when they supported him 79 times in confidence votes - WITHOUT GETTING ANYTHING FOR IT.
and he has managed to raise secrecy and back door deals to an art form ...

okay - name something good he has done.

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Unlike frenchie101, Andrew, it looks like someone has some humanitarian impulses and is made nervous about (further) torture of child soldiers.

It is not only 'the right thing' to do - it is politically advantageous.

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It turns out that 'ol Taliban Jack was correct all along - now the American Commander in Afghanistan agrees with "Taliban Jack' that they MUST speak to the Taliban if NATO ever wants to withdraw from that poor country.

"Selected leaks' to the media by the PM and his gang of psudo-christians is more to be worried about. While Jack was trying to find way out the conflict, Mr. Harper was busy deciding with detainee to torture.

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well said, wsam !

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"Most Canadians want governments out of their lives unless they are producing something of value - which is not what governments usually do."
Do they, Maureen?
That the economy should be organized around a 'green agenda' appears to be pretty popular.
Should the government drop the soldiers in Afghanistan?
Should the government ignore the situation in Haiti?
It took a near revolt to get this government to even acknowledge a global economic meltdown and do something for Canadians (that the NDP had to force them into) - that seems to be popular.
and for the reason for the prorogue ...
Canadian do seem to care that their troops are being forced to turn prisoners over to a bunch of thugs that specialize in ripping out toenails - Harper's approval drop in the poles says different.

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Vass iss loss?

Before I left Alberta I had a bet with my son on the 'bud bowl', a series of Budweiser commercials shown during the Superbowl half time show. It is not shown in Ontario as the commercials are often replaced by local productions.

I am still bitter.