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Grazie per il commento. Usandone sempre almeno un paio il problema รจ ovviamente mitigato. L\'alternativa da vagliare sono gli SSD, soprattutto quando i prezzi scenderanno un po\'...

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Leggi qui:
Ne trarrai ispirazione...


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Ciao Michele,

grazie per il commento. Se sei in questa fascia e prevedi di crescere secondo me è il caso di guardare con attenzione una micro 4/3. Migliori prestazioni generali e lenti intercambiabili.
Credo che, ad un prezzo leggermente superiore, la EPL1 di Olympus possa essere una ottima candidata... Leggi qui:


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Grazie del commento Claudio, sei molto gentile. Ho appena aggiunto un paio di scatti al lavoro -

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Hi Ed, during the NYPhoto Festival my photos will be visible @ the Farmani Gallery.

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thank you for the comment, which, indeed, I find OK if we only consider the broad perspective.
I agree with the fact that writing means indexes and indexing means Google positions. But I'm not sure about the similarity between offline and online networking. For me these are two different arenas. In the first one (unless you have the power to print 20 feet large billboard to hang in Times Square) you focus on the direct contact you're making. In the second, especially if it is "research based", you are "found" by somebody. In the fine art world it is very unlikely that you're found by a prospect buyer or by a Gallery. You're normally found from another photographer. I think (and this post by DLK confirms my feelings that this niche is too small and "exclusive" and that blogging and social media are NOT the way to reach it. Which, of course, does not mean that these are useless tools...