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Actually, James, I didn't flat out lie when I purchased my last car, and I don't complain about Adobe's prices. I'm not sure what your point is and how this compares to web design prices.

You laugh at (virtually) everyone who participates in the discussion on this post? Then by all means, there are plenty of other blogs out there for someone of your superior intellect to partake in.

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I agree that there's something odd about the DM feature in Twitter. I've noticed people ignore DMs quite a bit.

And if we are dopplegangers, then I think we're supposed to sword fight or something, like in "Highlander."

There can be only one!

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I think you're 100% right. I'm sure there are plenty of people who only look at contracts for the financial reasons rather than how they keep projects on course.

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I'm grateful that one of the authors of these books commented on this blog!

The Head First books have definitely been my "go to" books. I always keep my eyes open for the next one.

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Spot on. Unfortunately, 3/4 of Americans (a statistic I heard on South Park) are complete retards. So it's no wonder someone chose to bitch about Mandarin oranges.

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I just use Wordpress for my blogs. Easy to make a theme, and easy to manage.

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Sounds like your on the right track. It's good to know the WYSIWYG method of doing things, because you can understand how messed up websites can be when they're built that way. If you can master CSS and get good with JS, you'd easily become a top notch front-end guy.

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I did the same thing with a lot of the HTML, CSS, and Javascript I learned. Look at a site, view the source, then "reverse engineer" so to speak to learn how it was done.

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Whenever I find myself in the position where a client starts to lose interest in their own website, or they don't give it the kind of attention it needs, I try and remind them of what happens to websites that become stale or outdated. They fade into obscurity. Web design, after all, isn't so much about being paid for a service, it's being paid for a result. So I make it clear that if they want that result, whatever it may be, they have to get ready for the long haul.

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You're right about the clients, and I make it as clear as possible what happens when a site doesn't support IE6. I do use reset CSS files, but I won't go any further than that. I think the biggest question when it comes to IE6 is what demographic is still using it? Most people just look at the fact that there is still a good percentage of IE6 usage, but not a lot of thought is being put into who is using it. I think if the IE6 demographic is explored a bit more, more designers might question whether they should continue to support it.

I have to be concerned about the clients, but I also want the web to evolve. As long as their are archaic technologies being used, the web will move forward at a much slower rate then it could.