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Never truer words spoken......

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Hi Mrs C, I've been wondering where we all I know ....I will try posting again....@nice to know we're all still here ''onwards and upwards"!

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....and don't forget, Cliff is an Indian! (b. 14 October 1940 , Lucknow, India.)

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Sound advice Mrs.C...........I already have my INDELIBLE marker pen ready!

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Great post Doc, I couldn't agree more...........'Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'.
Albert Einstein

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so do I, do I!..........Onwards and upwards indeed!

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Hi Mike, you beat me to it!...I thought I was reading a U.K. story.......Identical to what we are suffering here in a never ending procession of 'Political Correctness'. For God's sake guys stop this crap NOW while you still have a chance. Watch the U.K. election.....the 'Big Three' (A.K.A. Lib/Lab/Con) are in for a surprise! Good Luck.

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...and you'd be right to believe so.

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EVERYTHING in this video is why I and, no doubt, many other BRITISH people will be voting for REAL CHANGE. Bring our sons home from illegal wars, deport all the illegal 'asylum seekers', clear out the foul nest of traitors from OUR parliament,stop giving money we don't have to people who don't like us, don't let our elderly keep dying because of the lack of means to heat and keep healthy.......I could go on for so long about the traitorous injustices foisted on us, the indigenous British, by the Marxist scum who have inveigled there way to the top of, what was once regarded, as the best country in the world. I was born in 1960 and have enjoyed a wonderful life handed to me ON A PLATE .....only to watch it all being handed away without ANY consultation with US,the BRITISH. That plate of freedom was earned by OUR ancestors over many years and in many bloody wars. To stand by idly and do nothing is NOT an option. If we do nothing now our children, and our children's children will curse us (Rightly so!). The last line from Enoch Powell's famous speech says it all...."All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal." We love our country...let us hope enough others who also love Britain will speak at the next election to enable that change........Onwards and Upwards! (Phew!)