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So, what else is going on? Okay. We now know that a vast army of academics, 'scientists', governments, government agencies, 'environMental' groups the media, and assorted other hangers-on were in on the global warming fraud. So, what other con jobs have we been subjected to? Ones for which we don't yet have a Climategate type release of emails? Really? Climategate is the first and only time we've been had??? Do you think!!! What I think is that we've been had, in the global warming sense, a number of times, mostly on the big ticket items, but we haven't yet been fortunate enough to get the goods on them.

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There are two issues related to Climategate that really got my attention. The first is - have human beings learned nothing at all since the dark days of the Third Reich, when people in Germany simply 'went along' with orthodoxy of the day? From the level of acceptance of the global warming fraud, the answer is, no, they haven't learned anything at all. People committed precisely the same errors today as Germans did in the 30's and 40's. Blindly accept propaganda as fact; fail to check facts for self; fail to think logically. The moment anyone would have tried to sell me on the idea that Jews were a problem I would have immediately checked the facts. Um. Highest representation in the arts, science, law. Lowest representation among inmates. And these are bad people? But Germans didn't check the facts. They did as most people today - they 'went along for the ride'. That's a travesty.