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GOOD FOR YOU! You didn't absolutely NOTHING wrong and i'm sure the other parents inthe restaurant would applaud you as well even though they may have some explaining to do. It's so horribly sad to see that kind of ignorance still exists in today's world.

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I feel for you! My nephew will be 3 in July and REFUSES #2 in the potty. No bribing, punishing, encouraging etc works. So frustrating.

As for the bottles, would LOVE LOVE LOVE one in pink. After all it is Cookies signature colour and would come in VERY handy on our "OMG FINALLY LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT" walks!

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I truly believe that I will one day meet my "John Bear" and he will love me and my daughter unconditionally until the end of time. We will laugh together, cry together and always be there for each other. I now he's out there somewhere.