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If will ever comment this, our political leaders will condemn the killings in just a quarter of their speech. The main body of their statement will be dedicated to such statements as ”Islam is a religion of peace”; ”extremists that have nothing in common with the immense majority of Muslims” and other stupid comments made to not infuriate that ”immense majority of Muslims” that could in turn peacefully put fire to churches and stone the Embassies of Western Countries.
Sometimes I wonder if we, Christians, have lost the ability to infuriate and if this is really a good thing.

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They need to start a.s.a.p. to produce Allah followers. How do you think they can outnumber rabbits in a demographics contest?

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We probably have to feel guilty and pay a monthly fee for the unfortunate terrorist.
It wasn't him, it was the society that alienates people like him and pushes then to become terrorists! Poor assassins, please accept our apologies!

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It is obscene to wear trousers, but fully acceptable to beat women. This is the merciful Islam, a religion of love!

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Cowards do not escape: they are either enslaved or killed.

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If Allah's warriors die dressed in burqa, do they still get the virgins?

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This is how tyranny starts: first you can't say what you think, then you are arrested for what you might think.

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I like the part with dying in the attempt. How can they be helped to carry on this a.s.a.p.?

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I believe we are guilty of being cowards and abandoning our beliefs in democracy and freedom. Egypt lives on money spent by Europeans and Americans visiting the country. The violence against copts should be in every newspaper in the Western World and politicians should make clear that Westerners will cease to come to Egypt in great numbers if they do not stop abusing copts.

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I have signed for Geert Wilders when he was attacked for Fitna, that I consider freedom of speech and I would do it again. Unfortunately, Mr. Wilders and his euro-parlamentarian have been speaking against Romania and Bulgaria and I can no more support him and his party. I believe he is terribly wrong trying to pursue 2 very different targets: anti-islamization of Europe and the shrinkage of EU. EU needs Romania, a Christian country with very few muslims, to fight against the conversion to Islam by birth rate. Again, leaving Romania, Bulgaria and Islanda aside of EU, it will make them more vulnerable to emigration and political pressure. We should stick together, all those who appreciate Democracy and the Western values.