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Love love love their biscuits, absolutely divine w/ some butter and jam. They're hard to come by here in Columbus (only know of one place locally that carries them, and that's only the original ones), and they don't have them reliably so I stock up when I see them. Hopefully one of these days they'll stock the other ones you tried, they sound delicious.

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Yes, here is the URL to my feed:

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Nice seeing you too. :) It was really cool being able to share my love of the farmers market with my nieces and nephew. They've already asked if they can come next week too.

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I've seen it at Carfagna's and at Hills Market as well. And I believe at Weiland's, too. It's great on sandwiches - one of my favorites is fried egg, pork roll and cheese.

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I usually bake it at 350 :)

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Me too, Heather! Now these problems I can solve. When the worst things going on in my life are that my every mechanical thing I touch turns to chaos and that the doctors visits are just to tell me that I'm pretty much fully healed and in even better shape labs-wise than I've been in years, these types of problems I can work with, I can solve. If only we all were so blessed, right?

I hate ants as much as I hate mice - and both seem to be issues from time to time for everyone. Makes the time when you don't have to deal with either that much more sweet. :) Good luck getting rid of the little pests.

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I love cabbage, but it doesn't love I only eat it once in a while as a compromise to those who have to share my space. :)

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Same to you and Walker and the kids, Anne. Hopefully both of our families will have an excellent year...

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Yes, New Year's Day pretty much calls for a homage to pork, doesn't it? ;-) Remind me to invite you for dinner next year, since the stuff at TeeJaye's isn't quite the same, and it's rare to find people who actually like the stuff.

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Luckily, the next time you see me I'll have a head full of hair again and no longer be in the wheelchair. It's been a hell of a year, thank you for being one of the people who kept my spirits up.