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Not sure why the heck you got downvoted for asking an honest question...

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Lets NOT start this discussion again Brandon. Seriously, going to another review and posting the same thing that's been discussed in over 100 comments just makes you a troll.

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I didn't find the game nearly as 'dark and violent" as you described. If you enjoyed the first game, you'll enjoy this one. If you had no problems with the first, filter or not filter, same goes for this one. It's one of the best games I've played for 360, you only kill aliens, and it's pretty clean with the filters on. I highly recommend it.

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And he was being a troll. ;)

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Nowhere in the Bible does God command, or even permit, Christians to force other Christians to do something, or to judge them in any way.

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I think he was just picking a random number.

And Brandon, that statement automatically loses you ANY credibility you had left. Now you shall either be known as A: an ignorant troll, B: an self-righteous troll, or C: just plain ignorant.

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One thing about "playing video games = aggression": Studies (which anti-video gamers love to quote) have shown that violent crime among youth has decreased 36% since 1995. Murder has decreased 62%, Rape 40%, Robbery 38%, Aggravated Assault 33%. It's at a 30 year low. Coincidentally, this same time frame is when gaming among youth culture gained almost all of his popularity.

Now, it's also impossible to say "playing video games = less violent crime", as linking cause and effect in this type of situation simply isn't possible. But it's certainly something to look at.

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Not having played the game, I can simply say that if you want a less violent, out-of-you-mind scare fest, go play a Silent Hill game. That said, less violent does NOT mean less bloody; you simply don't kill humans in graphic ways.

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A few things: One, No More Heroes is certainly NOT more recommendable than X-Men: Origins. Far too much sexual content. That said, Origins isn't all that clean content-wise, but it's certainly not horrible either. I would say 16 or 17.

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Well, I wouldn't say nothing could change that. Maybe a remake with better graphics and full orchestra could be good too. But somehow I doubt it.