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While I myself have not had the need for an organ transplant, I would think that if I did, and my choices were between death and the organs of a murderer, I'd take the organs.

Don't let your hatred blind you.

In some cultures, the bodies of the dead -- regardless of how they died or who they were -- were drained of their water in order to quench the thirst of the tribe. So, let this man give life to those who, without his contribution, would otherwise pass, as well.

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They should totally have given the Optimus series Roman ordinals: Prime, Secundus, Tertious, etc.

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How's the battery life? That's the thing that I really want to hear about.

The Nexus One may be awesome, but I want a Nexus Two with a real keyboard and a rollerball like on the G1. I don't care if it's a slider or a wing (I honestly prefer the wing...less sturdy but so much more flashy).

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I wish you weren't anonymous so that I could give you more props.

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I just uninstalled it because I hated the size of the tabs. I didn't realize they could be hidden. Looks like I might have to reinstall.

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So it's basically fl0w, Osmos, or any of the other "eat these to advance, but avoid these" games.

There was one for Apple IIe that I really liked back in the day. You were a fish and had to eat smaller fish until you were big enough to knock over a fishing boat. You'd randomly die sometimes because the boat would hook you if you were too close to the top of the water/screen.

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I can't wait until this finds its way into Cyanogenmod, if even possible.

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How does Mewbox compare to the general incumbent, Amazon mp3? It's DRM-free, too.

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Is a rollerball like on the G1 and MT3G too much to ask for? The ball beats a d-pad like whoa.

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LOL @ evil hitler bees