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Pete, this was two years ago :)

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Interesting article, Caleb. Welcome to the ranks!

He may not historically be a slow starter, but this year appears to be a different story. At least he's on pace for homers despite not getting many hits. How's his BABIP so far this season compared to other season starts? Where does luck factor in?

Good read - I didn't realize that he wasn't historically a slow starter... I'd heard him say he starts slow in spring training and sometimes in the regular season. Interesting look!

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Oh, randomguest from Middletown New York, does it hurt when we beat your favorite team twice in the same day?

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That's the truth. But Hanley was pretty mad. And it was pretty funny.

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Haha - I wish they'd give 'em to us the rest of the year. It was a good game and we had some fun. Figured it was a more humorous read than the same ol' boring recap that everyone writes!

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And this post is amazing.

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You're a classless ass if you're going to bash Bobby right now. No, he wasn't the greatest with his lineups or substitutions, but he was the greatest player manager of all time. Everybody who ever played for him loved him. He is the greatest manager of his time, period.

And the fans love him. We'll miss him being there, yes. But the Braves will somehow move on in the spring with a new manager and the talent that Bobby taught.

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You, sir, are completely off your rocker ;) I do not want Glavine managing this team. He does not love Atlanta. He abandoned us for the Mets. And another World Series in two years? What the hell are you smoking?

Glavine for manager is the worst name I've heard thrown around yet.

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Matt, click on the link to the left of this post that looks like a podcast button - that should open the podcast in iTunes which you might be able to listen to on your phone whilst overseas.

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Yes, the Braves are choking. But we still have bright spots - just no pulse from the offense. Pitching has been good and is definitely good enough for a post-season run. The question is whether or not the offense will wake up and string a couple hits back-to-back.

And I'll taunt the Phillies bloggers when we win, yes. But I won't go dig up articles from a month ago and post under multiple usernames about how stupid it was ;)