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I've been called an anti-Semite a million times for speaking out against Israeli abuses of the Palestinians. Do you really think that little comment is going to bother me?

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The last sentence puts it all in perspective, doesn't it? These are the people that are tasked with protecting us. I feel much safer now.

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Obama is the president who makes a lot of promises but then breaks them at breathtaking speed. Civil libertarian liberals are still fuming at the man (indefinite detentions, anyone?).

I'm always amazed at easily Obama can dazzle a crowd, even though that crowd knows, deep down, he will betray them.

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They saw your article and they are not happy. Here's Abu Muqawama and Tom Ricks.

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You guys did a wonderful thing by bringing Kelley Vlahos on board Hopefully we'll see more intriguing interviews like this in the future.

LTC Gian Gentile agreeing to be interviewed by can only help his cause, so to speak, since being interviewed for a website which is counter to the overall mission of the military in general is sure to raise some hackles, and as such, publicity (hopefully).

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How long has Israel been battling it's Arab neighbors? I would say there is some stamina on both sides. Question is--would Israel be able to withstand another embarrassing defeat against a small band of guerrillas?

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Hezbollah seems rather adept at kidnapping Israeli soldiers. Could we see more of this in the future if Israel starts plucking Iranian scientists out of the blue?

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Now, al-Qaeda is largely gone, and it’s the police who are doing the terrorizing.

With the American military gone and with the Iraqi police now terrorizing the people, how long before the Sunnis begin to see al-Qaeda as the lesser of two evils?