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The BoC will not raise the rate as long as our dollar is flying high. To do so would destroy what little manufacturing we have left.

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Should we be surprised that the chosen method is the most complicated and most expensive as well as not having a plan to use the stored carbon.
Steel mills add carbon to iron to make high grades of steel. There must be some way to make one feed the other without breaking the bank.

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So they should come up with a solution. After all they and their buddies are responsible for creating the problem in the first place with their greed.
Low interest rates are good for everyone except perhaps the rich and greedy. The problem is that there is too low a bar for borrowing.

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Since all our electricity is generated by water there is no reason to raise the rates above the cost of distribution and maintenance. The reservoirs refill from the rain and snow melt every year. There are other ways to increase awareness of conservation without crating hardships. And giving subsidizing low income families just means that joe lunchbucket will be paying twice, once for himself and again in taxes for the poor. All this just takes more disposable income away from workers. Canadians should not pay world price for our own oil either. Imagine the advantage in manufacturing we would have if energy was supplied at cost and not going into the pockets of rich foreign owned oil companies and parasites who play on the commodities market.

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Depends somewhat on your perspective. All parliamentarians are elected anyway. The PM is an MP that is elected in his or her riding by Canadians and just happens to be the leader. Then it depends on how you vote, if for the party or your local rep. If, as many people do you vote for the party then you are in effect voting for or possibly against the PM.

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Down with poodles.

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Rather embarrassing isn't it to be ruled by an unelected inbred foreigner in this day and age? As far as I am concerned the PM, who is ELECTED by Canadians is the head of state.

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Americans are paranoid. But then when you have managed to piss off most of the free world and probably all of the not so free world perhaps you have a right to be paranoid. Perhaps if they were not so obsessed with this manifest destiny thing they would be better liked. Anyway very few Canadians actually hate Americans since most of us have relatives there, it is their ruling class that we can not tolerate.

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Thats because nobody cares what the dippers do.

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But they are asking for a handout from taxpayers. It is unfortunate that secured creditors are at the top of the payout list. I believe that suppliers should get paid out first, after paycheques for hourly employees simply because of the collateral damage done when a large company not paying its bills forces the closure of a dozen or so small businesses. Even more so when it is the bankruptcy trustee that runs up the supplier bills. After that can come secured creditors and the government.
Kind of wonder why the union reps on the pension board would allow such huge under funding. Also how can it be a benefit if it is taxable?