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You say "I think I am missing a good deal of context in so far as what Mojave is currently teaching people." And you are correct.

You also say "my current belief is that you teach people how to create 'information products,' which I am actually very opposed to for a number of reasons I list to Mead." However, every non-fiction book that's ever been sold (whether an ebook or not) is an information product.

You also say "I would also be interested in a defense of how information products are ethical, and represent a good value to the consumer." However, asking whether information products represent a good value to the customer is like asking whether cars are a good value to the customer. Some cars are, some are not. Same with information products.

Also, with regard to Project Mojave being a get rich quick scheme, you say "Just because someone has to work hard on a Mojave project, does not mean they don’t want to make a lot of money fast." However, classifying a program by the intents of its subscribers (who generally don't want to get rich quick) is incorrect. A girl you take out on a date is not "easy" just because YOU want to have sex with her on a first date.

Also, creating a $3k to $5k business within 3 months (the purpose of products mojave) hardly counts as "get rick quick" . . . many people wouldn't even accept a job that produces these results.