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Mine are all grown up and made me a Grandma (yay)! Two words: BE PRESENT. So many times I'm quite sure I was in the same room but not mindfully present, even in the days of no cable and 3 channel choices. It's more important now as technology distracts us from being there when we *think* we're being there, just because we're in the room. If you're staring at your phone or laptop, you're not "there." Children sense that at a very young age and it's heartbreaking to watch.

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Oh Tam.... can't get this lump out of my throat. What a precious day for you.

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There's something quite rebellious about that third one - survival? Never played by the rules. If he'd been first, he'd have probably been an only child. He's caused a lot of painful tears, but redeemed them with many joyful ones. Banned from the church nursery at age two, but couldn't imagine my life without him!

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I've met half of your kids - you ARE a wonderful mom!

I think I'm a good mom, too. I wouldn't have said that when my kids were your kids age, but they've all turned out unique and awesome in their own way and I'd like to think I played a part in that. Three kids - one of each. Absolutely couldn't live without them.

Also? Mother-in-law. But it helps to have the best DIL and SIL in the world - they make me look good.

I won't bore you with being THAT grandma. But still.....

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I would SO love that. In her handwriting, of course.

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Donating $20! What a blessing.

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Who won?

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We never had cell phones when our kids were little (they didn't come in the rotary dial model) but texting your spouse a picture of a "blow-out" is more appropriate than saving the gift for when they get home to see it.

And the word 'bovine,' even if used endearingly as she feeds said offspring (prior to blow-out) should probably not be uttered. (snort!)

How many WWF accounts does katdish have? #holdout

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"Never undo in doubt what you did in faith."

And I'm not letting Alece get by with coming to town again without meeting her! Have a wonderful time!

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"Clamoring for things we can't sustain." How did you know? Very powerful, Ryan.