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It's great that they continue to innovate but here is the problem - some phones still have version 1.5 on them with no 2.x upgrades in site. Can you hear me now Motorola? The carriers and the myriad handset manufacturers have the user by the short hairs with no upgrade path to even previous upgrades. Until Google figures out how to solve that problem, Android will be stuck being the Linux of smart phone OS's - very powerful, but too many versions and flavors. Why would a consumer buy into this technology when there is no guaranteed path to the latest features without constantly jumping from handset manufacturer to manufacturer (or more expensively, from carrier to carrier) just to chase the latest feature release. This seems like a huge problem to me.

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Kind of excited to see this thing actually get realeased at some point in the near future. I currently run everything in my browser and would love to ditch the underlying OS for something snappier (running Win 7 on a netbook at the moment). Hoping it will run on my Acer and not require all new hardware. The weird thing about the images and the features they suggest (other than the panels which currently exist in web apps, like gChat) is that it seems to be a departure from the original concept of a browser based OS that Google presented last year. If the idea was that the browser is the OS, why have an underlying "finder" or "explorer"? Especially if everything is cloud based anyway. Oh well, I guess we will see eventually. I just have this bad feeling it won't run on existing hardware.

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Great pictures and a great blog - very well done. I love the grasshopper picture - he's a big one.

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Nice article. I agree with your points, and concur with Brent that what Steve is doing is still blogging. He is choosing to use a tool that works for him (and is working well for me too). Posterous can be used for Tumblr-like short posts and URL grabs, or can be used to write traditional blog entries. I currently use Posterous as my swiss army knife, composing and posting there (50% via email an 50% via bookmarklet), and letting it cross-post to my "traditional" Wordpress blog as well as FriendFeed. In this way I get the best of both worlds - traditional blogging and "owning" my content on Wordpress and lifestreaming. This type of article is very helpful - thanks for putting it together!

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Chris, good points. I think the character limit is both a blessing and a curse in that it encourages brevity - which can be good in an educated dialogue, but a hindrance when the subject matter is complex and needs more room to "grow".