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No big surprise: the world of popular theology is just as prone to being celebrity-driven as any other realm in our culture. Given that this is probably inevitable, I just pray that we have more "celebrity" leaders who are willing to proceed slowly, thoughtfully, and prayerfully rather than being reactionary.

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Geof, I'm all for not homeschooling theoretical kids. It's hard enough homeschooling the actual kids!

I'm certain that this is a decision we will revisit many times over the next 18 years. At the moment, Iowa has some good dual-enrollment plans available that could hit a sweet spot for our family. Guess we'll have to see.

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Misty, thanks so much for sharing. I'll be the first to admit that I don't have a good perspective from which to comment on the social skills question. My four siblings and I turned out fairly "normal" (IMHO, at least!), but I know plenty of homeschoolers that didn't. Whether our success was as a result of or in spite of our homeschooling, I don't know.

I definitely appreciate your hesitancy to be associated with the religiously zealous homeschooling types in your area. (I'm familiar with the type, myself.) I definitely share that hesitancy. I wish I were able to put a community of more "normal" homeschoolers around you there - not to provide pressure to make a similar choice, but only to help provide some assurance that there is such a thing as a non-wacko homeschooling family. :-)

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I've not read Pigeon, but the Elephant and Piggie books are a huge hit with my girls. Laura has taken to reading them and doing voices - lowering her voice for Gerald, then raising it abnormally high and making it really girlie for all of Piggie's lines. I love it!

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Yeah, I'm a weird mix of stuff. But it was fun to go through my library and remember these. Time to queue them up and start listening again.

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Yeah, Dad, you've got it exactly. Integration is challenging, but is the way forward that truly prepares us for the Kingdom to come. I appreciate this in a much more full-bodied way (forgive the pun) as I come to more fully appreciate the concept of the New Heavens and New Earth as Creation redeemed rather than as some ethereal spiritual plane that I long assumed heaven to be. Time to go back and read Surprised by Hope again. :-)

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Well, that, too. :-P

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Heh. The EFCA has a fairly short statement of faith compared to the CBA church we came from. This can be, of course, both a strength and a weakness - a strength in that it keeps us from majoring on the minors, but a potential weakness if some particular pastor wants to drive things his particular direction.

Having 5 pastors on staff right now, we've got a decent C/A balance, I think. The two newest guys are pretty unabashedly Calvinists, but the senior guy is a Dallas grad - not exactly known as a hotbed of Calvinism. :-) You won't find an Open Theist among them, though, Geof. Sorry. :-)

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Let me try to expand a bit on my thought, Spencer. Basically, there is a set of data that is relevant to me in my day-to-day work. (Being in project certification now, I deal with a multitude of different projects for small amounts of time. So, lots of small details to keep track of, lots of context switching, and important to keep records.)

Sometimes that data is associated with a meeting - at least for the time leading up to that meeting. A meeting may then cause creation of additional notes (data for me to store/reference later), to-dos (needing to be tracked).

Sometimes the data comes in with a due date - making it a to-do. I need to track those and make sure I get them done on time.

Sometimes that data comes in without a meeting or to-do - it's just information.

Regardless of how it comes in or what context is attached to the data, I'd still like to be able to catalog it, tag it by project/product, and store it for later.

In as few buckets as possible. And easily accessible both at my workstation and on-the-go.

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Did you read the whole piece? He isn't saying that Theology is bad, or that theology creates fear. What he says is that IF our theology books and statements claim to be objective truth, or, more directly, if our theologians claim or act as if our theology books and statements are, in and of themselves, objective truth, then they have the power to silence Scripture and those who read it.

The challenge is, as he says, to recognize that all statements of theology are, at best, approximations, and "always subject to change and development and correction". Because, let's face it, if they're not subject to change and development and correction, then we've exalted them to the place that only the Scripture deserves.