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12 years ago @ Google Android Blog - Gingerbread keyboard p... · 0 replies · +1 points

Easy way: use Titanium. In fact, if you already use Titanium and are running scheduled backups, it may already be backed up.

Still not hard way: use Root Explorer or similar to find the .apk file and just rename it (e.g. add .bak at the end of the filename or something like that)

12 years ago @ Google Android Blog - Gingerbread keyboard p... · 2 replies · +1 points

You'll be able to revert if you backup the froyo keyboard first.

12 years ago @ Google Android Blog - RIM buys The Astonishi... · 0 replies · +1 points

Re: "they can't have much to offer," TAT are the folks responsible for Android's pull-down notification bar. That's just for starters.

12 years ago @ Google Android Blog - 5 Rules of Android Mar... · 2 replies · +4 points

A couple to add to the list:

#6: Don't post ads for online repositories of pirated apps.

#7: Don't use comments to try to beg/trick people into using your referral code (e.g. for dropbox, pocket empires, etc.)

12 years ago @ Google Android Blog - The Best RSS Android a... · 0 replies · +1 points

This post is pretty good but doesn't mention The Most Important Feature of a Reader app: whether it handles your Google credentials securely. Of the ones they list, I know FeedSquares and ReaderScope do a good job. I know a couple of the others listed, others I have not tried.

Be safe, kids: don't give out your Google password to strangers.

12 years ago @ Google Android Blog - The Best Music Streami... · 1 reply · +3 points

You missed one of MOG's great features: radio mode *starts* as all from this artist, but has a slider you can use to mix in more or less of similar artist, all the way over to all from similar artists, with the original completely removed.

12 years ago @ AndroidGuys - Rdio Out of Beta, Offe... · 0 replies · +1 points

Rdio does do what you're describing, as does MOG and (from what I understand) Spotify.

12 years ago @ Google Android Blog - Lack of paid apps in A... · 0 replies · +3 points

Great post, Andrew. One of the most common objections I heard to my PaidAppPledge post was from folks who, because of the country they live in, are unable to buy paid apps in the Android Market. There was a time I'd have argued that flaws in the official Market are just opportunities for 3rd party markets, none have really risen to the occasion, and at this point, Google just needs to start fixing things. The exciting hardware and huge numbers of people buying Android phones should drive huge interest from developers, but issues like these have the potential to really damp that interest.

12 years ago @ AndroidGuys - App Review: Ratio · 0 replies · +1 points

True, there are cultural differences, and this is for real American pancakes. The app also includes a ratio for crepes. Most of the other ratios are pretty universal, tho: a 5% brine is a 5% brine is a 5% brine.

12 years ago @ AndroidGuys - More Payment Options f... · 2 replies · +1 points

That's weird. Not a Google Checkout issue, tho, as I and loads of other people can buy apps priced in foreign currencies (see comments above about conversion rates, for example).