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It's been amazing to see how many people (here at SXSW this week) are so excited about you going back to LA. You're going to rock it (no pun intended) at MySpace!

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Hey Josh,

Yep, I'll be speaking there on a panel with Tony Adam (from BillShrink) on Friday:

"Social Media Marketing for Your Business"
Date: Friday, March 12, 2010
Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: SXSW - Hilton - Room D

Will you be there?

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Ummm, I'm pretty sure you're my boss Greg :P

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What a long (short?), strange and rewarding trip it's been Rebecca. I have really enjoyed working with you and seeing you grow on so many different levels. Everyone at 10e20 really enjoyed working with you and I consider you a great friend. Thanks for everything you did to help make our company and our offerings even stronger!

I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next and your continued contributions here at 10e20!

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There's gotta be at least 1 :P

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Very helpful list Pat! When I first looked at 'Graphic Design Links' (which I had never heard of) I wasn't that impressed (maybe because of the haphazard rankings on the homepage) but they have a ton of good content featured there. Thanks for sharing!

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Mike - you are a Raiders fan right? (btw - sorry to out you ;) Would you rather them just broadcast everything or mix that with some interaction with fans?

Think about the stuff that most pro sports teams do before or at half-time to honor fans or have contests - why couldn't (or shouldn't) that carry over into their social media efforts?

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Excellent question. This is something that I have always been very aware of and NEVER want to be. It's also what we preach to our clients: Don't just broadcast - listen and give back too!

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I almost forgot:

* Gilbert Arenas (the story itself, athletes and guns, athletes who have been arrested, etc)

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A few more I would add (along with Michael's Nexus One above):

* CES (Consumer Electronics Show starts tomorrow in Vegas)

* Apple Tablet

* BCS (either covering the Championship game itself or how bad or great the BCS is)