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Basically, the only variable cost in development is the cost of the land.

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Its very funny. There are eight suites in question in the graphical analysis. Four of the eight are vacant. One of the tenants is not even accounted for. Why I need to look at blue bars to see what I can plainly see in a rent roll is beyond me.

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Good post John. Thanks for responding. I added an update to Adam's post with a link to yours.

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John Reeder would be a great person to ask about this. He does a lot of solar deals in the Inland Empire.

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I think the return IKEA is stating represents their receiving premium value for the power they generate. If the cost of the electricity goes down, their return will as well. The other reason I believe you don't see farms of these panels over parking lots, etc. is because they are expensive and the costs increases as you spread the capture area out over a larger area. This is why the article refers to IKEA doing this in more urban areas.

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You only need $450,000!

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I never mentioned misrepresentation either. Did you actually read the post or did you just read an internal email criticizing the post? My criticism of the property had nothing to do with the brokerage company or listing team. I would have the same opinion of the property regardless of the listing agent(s). Is that a difficult concept for "the big kid" to understand? The side note at the end was merely an observation that all deals are packaged in an identical manner.

Of course the seller should get the most they can. How is that even in question here? You seem to be looking for reasons to be upset.

How do you define market share by the way?

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jtremmy - Where in the post do I state that the property "will probably sell at their list price"? You may want to read it again. Also, do you always refer to yourself as "the big kid on the block"? That's a bit ridiculous if you ask me. IP addresses don't lie. Here is the information for yours:

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You should at least be brave enough to post under your actual identity but I guess I'd be a bit embarrassed too if I called myself "the big kid on the block."

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Unfortunately, an event like this is likely to create a flight from the equity markets to the "safety" of commercial real estate, further compressing CAP rates and driving prices up as a result. A very vicious cycle indeed. CoStar posted a timely article about CAP rate compression as item #1 on their newsletter today ( ). I have been seeing this downward pressure on CAP rates for quite a while now and scratching my head because the increase in values is certainly counter-intuitive. Obviously, more demand and less product equals increased prices. The question is why is there an increased demand? My answer: impatience. People are tired of getting 0.25% in money market accounts. People are tired of keeping their money on the sideline waiting for "distressed" opportunities. This impatience has lead to people jumping into a market with limited supply, creating artificially inflated CRE prices. Just my $0.02.