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do the current installation instructions still apply to BP 1.0?

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I'm interested in using it. In fact, I turn off ID because I wanted to experiment with disqus. Does it provide SSO with my wordpress users who are facebook connect users?

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@Fred - thanks as well. You got the right idea; you're just the type who can thrive here. Let's talk soon. We'll be at the IASummit in Memphis. Are you? Would love to catch up.

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@stacia - thanks :-) and yes, we're working on something that would be just that. Let's definitely touch base.

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Hi Melissa- Thanks for introducing yourself and really glad you like the idea. Yes, the content strategy and structuring is a fun challenge indeed! Especially when you're building it for people who do it for a living :-) So, it _has_ to be great, right? After we open the doors, would love to have your insights as to how we can make it work for you.

The "school" paradigm is certainly part of what this initiative is about. In fact, I've often envisioned my woodshop class back in junior high (hence the Workshop's branding ;-) coming to life in this virtual setting. The class was laid out with many workstations with equipment placed around this large warehouse-type room. In two separate areas were groups of shared workbenches with square tabletops where we did things like sand, stain, glue, etc.

We were in small groups of 3-5 students to a table with a couple instructors who would walk around and engage, coach, correct, and encourage us. This one-to-few instruction style keeps the learning intimate and effective. Couple that with mentor-apprentice relationships as well and that's another thing we hope to see here.

That model is what we envision for one of The UX Workshop's discussion models. There will be typical events that are one or several-to-many like presentations and panel discussions, but the woodshop metaphor is unique to this group.

Thanks again for stopping by and can't wait to open doors. :-)


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Cindy, thanks for stopping by. These are great ideas. We've talked extensively about how community-building activities such as local gatherings (thinking <a href="" target="_blank"> conferences play into a collective for sharing, but I really like how you've phrased it as a collaborative "video sketch book." That's awesome. :-) Would love to hear how you see something like that happening.

Video and animation provides so many creative outlets for our profession. There's lots to come, to be sure.

Will keep you posted :-) Hope to catch up before the Summit!

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@chris baum - We are too :-) Hope to see you in there.

@drpontus - Thanks for the note! Those are just couple of the topics we'll get into. If you're leaving your correct email address, we'll keep you posted.

@andrew - Thanks for sharing. I'm confident The UX Workshop will help you connect with your audience more effectively and you will reach those aspirations - it's one of the many reasons it's being built. And I agree that typically upper-level business processes are a part of the UX discipline. Customer Experience is typically number one priority at the executive level and The UX Workshop will be a great place for them to connect with experts and peers.

Certification has it's proper place. Technically, that's what a college degree is, right? It might be more about _regulation_ that's debatable, but that a conversation I'd love to see hashed out here after the doors open. :-)

@jan - Well then, let's do it! :-) Look forward to seeing how you help shape it. Any thoughts, ideas, aspirations you liked to see?
Love the vodcast, btw. Folks, if you haven't seen Jan's show, go now. :-)

Look forward to connecting with you all inside soon. Thanks again for sharing. :-)

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Hey guys, Look forward to working with you as well!

This is project is really about you guys in the community, though. The UX Workshop aspires to truly facilitate and stimulate the global community of UX practitioners. This includes anyone who has a part in providing an experience to someone – it could even be argued that non-technologists such as authors, interior decorators, actors and the like are practitioners as well. In fact, it is my hope that one day, we will have that broad of a community in which we can participate.

So, what are your aspirations?