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- I was part of a six month coaching network last year.

- The most beneficial part of the experience was the network and friendships that were created. It forced me to learn and spend time with people I wouldn't normally choose and that ended up challenging my opinions and stretching my knowledge.

- It's always nice to have a group of peers you know and trust outside of your normal circle who you can go to for advice or opinions. It encourages a diverse network.

- I think actual coaching is missing from "coaching networks". There's nothing I've ever learned in a setting like a coaching network that I couldn't have learned from a blog, podcast, or book. "Coaching" to me requires development of the participant. There has to be follow up if development is going to happen. 6 meetings and some emails in between is hardly coaching.

Bottom line, in my situation, the networking aspect was worth the time and money.

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"People of Senegalmart"

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We already World Cup our church with our t-shirts. In our city, they will know what "team" you belong to by your t-shirt. Isn't that a Bible verse?

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MAKE Magazine.

btw...if I'm not mistaken, @CameronStrang also agreed to wear a Celtics jersey in his Twitter avatar. I don't think he's made good on that one yet.

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i dl'd the first chapter and read it yesterday and it seriously convicted me. I requested the freebie and can't wait to get a copy of this book. Pastor B said he heard David speak to the SBC last year and said his message was STRONG. He held nothing back.

Good stuff.

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Probably too late, but I'll give it a go. I've been looking forward to reading this. I'll pick up a copy if I don't get a free one.

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Yes! That's such a good one.

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I'm digging Matthew Perryman Jones' new EP "Crash Bang Boom" for all the same reasons you're digging Sara Groves. Cool giveaway!

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Whoa and whoa.

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Love. The. Name......and the logo.

I've got a buddy who composes 8 bit music. If you have any need for that here, he'd be willing to donate. :)