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No, that was Salmon

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These pictures are shot in natural day light, ISO 100, f32, 44 second! exposure.

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Bernard, I believe you mixe me up with someone else; my name is Chris!

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Thank you for your kind comments on my SugarHead Blog, really nice of you! As you may have noticed I started off with my Blog in Dubai as well. After three years I moved with my work to Bangkok, Thailand and of course, with me my Food Blog.

Frederic is a very talented Chef and this shows in his creation. You did a wonderful covering of that event and your pictures a fabelous!! Everyone has their own style of photography, like cooking. If you put your heart into something one does not need to copy others.

I will place your Blog into my Blogroll so that I can re-visit your site on a regular base. You found a new fan of your Blog!

PS: Please let me know your Name; was not able to find out from your site.

Best Regards from Bangkok,

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Thank you Les; I am trying my best and at times it seems, it works!

Thank you again!

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Dear Alessandra,
How is life in new Zealand? A long way from Modena it must be. I had a look at your Blog and I love it! You got a new fan and I will have your Blog in my Blogroll so that I can follow your culinary trip!

Best Regards from Bangkok!


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Thank you Seb; was good fun in Chinatown!

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Thank you Urs; it was indeed a great menu with some interesting components! Fit for a King

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Of course it is in English, German, Swaheli, Turkmenistan and Austrian as well!!

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I hope indeed someone will pay for all this!