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What influences what you blog about?

First it has to be of interest to me. I got a press release about some new travel show that someone wanted me to promote last week, but even though I have a travel blog/podcast the particular story bored me. So that was a non-starter.

Next it should be something that someone else would be interested in and obviously it has to be something that I should say something about. The best blog posts I have in my head would violate a confidence and will never get written. One of our customers has a new product that they are announcing soon that I would LOVE to blog about, but can't.

What do you care about when you blog? (I suppose what interests you enough to write)

I care that I made some sense. Did I add any value? Is this worth a minute of someone else's time to read. I assume everyone else is as busy as I am. In my podcast I spend hours each week editing out 5-10 minutes of audio that does not have any value. Multiply 5 minutes by thousands of readers and that is a lot of time saved.

How would PROs wanting to reach out to bloggers reach out to you?

Understand what I do first. If I have a podcast, don't call it a blog. That is pretty much a giveaway that you didn't do your homework. Show that you have read one post or heard one episode at least. Then tell me why you think this would be of interest to my readers/listeners. If you have done your homework and I am the right person to be talking to then you should be able to explain that.

For the Amateur Traveler almost all my shows are about destinations. But I get people all the time who pitch that they want the president of such and such a website to come on the show and talk about how their website works. I have a list of 164 shows and none of them are this kind of show. OK, so pitch that the president of such and such a website just got back from a trip to Timbuktu and would love to talk about it. I would love to have her on the show and would be glad to spend a couple of minutes mentioning their website.