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OMG so true. I shudder to think how many WP installs I still have in the 2.5ish range, yet I'd recommend that to no friends/clients. And that's just the beginning. Toss in depreciated code, outdated scripts, you get the point. Friday should be "John Hawkins comes over to fix my sites day" that would truly rock. :D

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Great post Stephanie. I think the rewards gained in popularity and recognition, plus the accolades for taking chances, far outweigh any potential negatives related to flavor disagreement. Have to figure not everyone is going to be happy. Plus that's one more bonus to likely keep the discussion going and the brand awareness alive.

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Thanks for making me hungry Rebecca. It's a tough call but I'd have to say I love Pizza even more than Social Media #pepperoni :)

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I like the Whole Foods example best, can't believe I had not checked that out. Your post timing was perfect since I was just thinking about a localized profile that could use some landing page branding. Thanks Patrick, great stuff!

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Hats off to you John for taking the time and effort to make WordCamp happen. As I said in Vegas, it was the addition of a Wordcamp weekend that cemented my decision to attend Blogworld again. Got some great ideas and loved the opportunity to get questions answered at the Genius Bar. You rock!

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That rocks Patrick. I hadn't heard of iTag before. So many times I've submitted something and not had an option of an image that fit the post accurately.

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Will and Neil make a nice couple. :D

Best part about all this coverage is it shows your skills for being able to write about that 10e20 SEO cruise I've been waiting to register for.

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New Times Roman reminds me of MS Frontpage ala 1996, I like Verdana most.

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This would be a great topic for you to speak on during the 10e20 SEO/Social Cruise.

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I love the plugin Chris. It rocks (but not as much as does)!

In text advertsing bugs me most, followed by multi pages of content for a single article or set of photos.