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I am amazed that Rick would lower himself to be part of this circus. I have lost all respect for him as a result, he used to bring attention to some of the goings on in politics with a humorous twist. Now, to be part of this circus, part of an undemocratic process, just shows he cares not about the demise of our governments of late. The politicians of late are nothing more than white collar crooks, making laws and knowing how to get around them IF caught.

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Hey that sounds like a subway sub, except the subway sub meat is see through, must be what .00000000000000000001 oz of meat, and they call it a value, shake your haed.

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Do you mean After George Vancouver?

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Maybe he could ski for France next time

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How many soyabean's had to be slaughtered so People Eating Tasty Animals could again look like the FOOLS they are?

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You dont know either I guess?

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Who gave you the right to speak for me?

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While these "safe" sites supposedly keep addicts safer, it also enables them to keep using. What about the rest of our safety? Are the streets of Vancouver safer with a bunch of doped up addicts running around looking to beg, beat, or steal for their next fix? Do we treat starvation by not feeding? The FIRST STEP to recovery is to stop using, then and only then can some recovery begin.
These sites do nothing more than make the dealers more wealthy, the public more at risk, the addict more sick, and robs funds for real health care and recovery programs.
As someone in recovery for 8 years now, I've had some experience with this issue.