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Someone should follow Poulsen home to get his address, and spread the word around in Islamic circles that the address of Poulsen's residence is where Lars Hedegaard lives. Then the Muslims can come and murder Poulson, thinking he is Lars Hedegaard.

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Muslims are bullies. If you appease a bully, the bully will see you as weak, and the bullying will never stop. It will only get worse. Non-Muslims must unite globally, against all Muslims, and put them and their filthy religion in its place. Do unto Muslims, as the Muslims do unto non-Muslims. Give them a 100 year taste of their own miserable, hate-filled medicine. Show no mercy.

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The more Islam that the Mooze imbibes, the less human the Mooze becomes. The concept of 'a decent Muslim' is a contradiction in terms. Muslims, as a whole, are descending into something indecent. Mohammad was a Monster, and it was his twisted, evil mind that invented the Koran. Muslims consider themselves to be demigods by virtue of birth, or conversion:

Demigod: A being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank. A person who is greatly admired or feared.

The Mooze worships itself, and Satan, equally.

Mooze are born human, just like everyone else, regardless of their moronic beliefs, and from that point forward, they devolve into what we are now seeing in Pakistan, and all other regions where Mooze congregate in masses... raving, mindless clinical insanity.

Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.

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The Leftists, who are now ALL, Islamic Fellow Travelers, have already been marked for extermination by Islam. This is not my opinion... it is Islamic Doctrine... immutable and unchangeable.

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The Islamic Filth deserves what it threatens the rest of humanity with... total annihilation... global genocide against ALL Muslims, and ALL their Fellow Travelers.

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According to Google, Syria is 80-90% Muslim. Therefore, all good Infidels should do everything in their power to prolong the Muslim-against-Muslim genocide. Infidel nations should feed both side equally with heaping helpings of armaments, rage and hatred against their fellow Muslims.

As long as Muslims are busy killing each other, they will have less time and energy to kill actual human beings.

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We can yack until our teeth fall out, and the cops and politicians will do nothing, because doing nothing is easier than doing something.

We have to go after the police, the politicians, and the mainstream leftist media and their followers.

We have to destroy these Fellow Travelers of Islam through peaceful, legal means... exposing their slimy, sharia-loving ideologies and actions, driving them out of their jobs, their homes and the country.

The cops who admonished the Christians, and gave the Mooze a pass, their names should be published on the Internet, and they should be hounded mercilessly for the rest of their lives, as traitors.

I suppose some would say that punishing the cops for 'just doing their jobs' is reprehensible, but I say, SO WHAT? What they did was not only wrong, but EVIL. After enough cops are confronted as individuals... as Muslim Lovers, as Sharia Lovers, as Jihadi Lovers, so ruthlessly that the higher-ups in the police department begin to come under attack, those higher-ups will be forced to turn on the Muslim Loving politicians, who are certainly taking hush money from Muslims, and who are traitors not only to the public they are supposed to be serving, but also, traitors to the entire non-Muslim human race.

Did that cop get his 30 pieces of silver? Did his boss get his 30 pieces of silver? Did the politicians get their miserable 30 pieces of silver? Did they sell their souls to Satan, aka Allah?

I think they did, and I believe that their legal punishment should be meted out in the here and now, and not in the hereafter.

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From the article:

"Suicide bombing—and the planes of 9/11 were living bombs—is a purposive self-annihilation, a confrontation between oneself and oneself, the extreme end of autoeroticism"

My comment:

Someone should take this mook stupid blob of protoplasm out behind the barn, to be thrashed mercilessly, for offending sane people with both its ideology, and its grammar!

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"The UN special rapporteurs" ...what a joke. 'Special'??? Heh! 'rapporteur' ooohhh, I bet these luzers really like that highfalutin' word... makes them feel more important than the rest of us 'little people'.

The 'Occupy' movement is akin to to a Bowel Movement... literally. By the time they were finished, Zuccotti Park was LITERALLY swimming in the 'Occupiers' feces and garbage. They made a big mess, and they did not have the common courtesy to clean it up. Their 1% vs 99% claim was a deliberate sham. It was a buzzword, no more, no less, intended to stir up fake outrage, and attract as many willing idiots to the fake 'cause', as possible.

'Occupys' REAL 'Cause'??? acquire by any means possible, legal or illegal, power, control, and wealth.

In other words "Meet the new Boss, same as the Old Boss"... except that the New Boss, the 'Occupiers', being of the Marxist-Leninist (no, make that Stalinist) persuasion, will be more inclined towards the tools of that ideology... forced slavery and genocide.

No thanks.

As for the UN... what a joke... the only entity on the planet that hires soldiers to stand on the sidelines and Observe genocide while it is taking place right in front of them.

No thanks. I prefer the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, no sharia, anywhere, ever under any circumstances, and I will maintain zero respect for 'Occupy' until they... all of them... go around cleaning up messes that other people made, for free, and publicly apologise to the entire Human Race for willfully lying to the world as to their true intentions, and publicly flog themselves, just for good measure.

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CBS knows exactly what it is doing. CBS is infiltrated with Islamic terrorists from top to bottom. Muslims are throwing money at CBS on a daily basis. CBS has embraced Islamic Evil... sold its soul to Satan. Oops! I meant Muhammad, or Allah, which is just another nickname for Satan.

The CBS executives pray five times a day in their secret Islamic Prayer Room. Mostly they pray (or should I say prey) for more innocent little six year old virgins to rape, in the name of Allah.

Yep, good old CBS, the Al Jazeera Affiliate.

Of course, CBS mixes in a little truth along with the Islamic Taqiyya ...War Is Deceit.

Just ask any Muslim.