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10 years ago @ Pure Shiite - The Hudud Hot Potato · 0 replies · +6 points

"Agree to disagree" - ini ada sorang mamat tu kerap guna kat blog dia. Sakmangkuk or something like that nama dia. Buat macam dia yang create the phrase, as with many others. And whole paragraphs too, punya nak tunjuk "intellectual". Over time, jadi empty barrel with tired-sounding posts. Lepas tu baru tahu apa sebab - nak jadi token Malay candidate dalam DAP... jadi Born Again "fighter against corruption." Macam Muhammad Mat Taib jugak la. Cheh! Budak pusat serenti lagi ada principles dari mereka ni.

Anyway, back to the post - what I want from the Pakatan parties is a CLEAR yes or no: will you agree to the implementation of Hudud? Surprisingly, PAS might not agree - kang nak buat apa dengan mamat yang ada spender besar tu?

10 years ago @ Pure Shiite - The Outing of the Insi... · 0 replies · +4 points

It's just A COINCIDENCE that Malaysian Insider decided to publish it on a TRADING afternoon. And without verifying the information first. After all, kan Malaysian Insider ni "online media portal", which automatically means "free, independent, without fear or FAVOUR"... which some numbskulls (especially from Pakatan Rakyat) had insisted. Well, now they know. Especially when some had bought those call warrants.

Let's see how it goes when the market opens.
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11 years ago @ Pure Shiite - The Who-Dude Poker Game · 0 replies · +1 points

" implementation and your enforcement strategy"
I believe this hasn't been given much - if any - thought to.
It's the PEOPLE behind it that's the most important; hudud, secular or Red Indian laws.

With PAS, it's just political capital: use `hudud', `Negara Islam' and there will be x number of supporters in the bag... people who are honest and sincere but "betul macam sodek". The "How" and other details? There's a foolproof putarbelit to escape since they don't have any idea: "Tuhan akan tolong orang-orang mukmin." (As if *they* are. PeeeWit!) What have they been doing all this while about attending to the details? NOTHING... because they don't really want hudud: THEY JUST WANT POWER.

11 years ago @ The Mole - Story to test the work... · 0 replies · +1 points

This should be nominated as "The Worse Story of 2011".

11 years ago @ Pure Shiite - The Legal Implications... · 1 reply · +2 points

Wow! This is yet another fact-filled and nuclear-powered post by satD! Ini Dahsat Richter scale 9.0 punya.
Now that the legal implications are even clearer, it's laughable about how those involved are screaming about the police actions and arrests.

Those shouts of "Where is democracy in Malaysia!?" by the `human rights activists wannabe-tapi-mengaji-tak-habih': they don't even understand the fundamentals. When something is against the law, then it's ILLEGAL. And there will be the consequences. Jadi, bila kena tangkap atau kena palu dengan FRU, it's not a question of democracy - it's a question of "Padan dengan muka mu yae hudoh macae bewak DAP".
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11 years ago @ Free Malaysia Today - ‘Bold’ Ambiga vs ... · 11 replies · -65 points

The problem is in the name of "Bersih 2.0". The organisers must change it to reflect what the rally really is: Melayu Bingai 2.0.

Oh, they will desperately try to claim that it's "multi-racial... Malaysians... Bangsa(T) Malaysia..." But, as usual, the ratio won't be reflected by that of the national demographics. It won't be Malays 60%, Non-Malays 40% but Malays=90%... at least.

It will be the Bingai Malays - mostly from PAS - who will form the vast majority. The Chinese won't be there: oh, a few DAP leaders will be at the front, but that's just about it. The DAP's job now is to encourage the Bingai Malays in PAS and PKR to turn out in force to do their bidding. Guess who were the Bingais lying on the road (with Palestinian flags) one fine day in Kuala Kangsar in 2009? Yeah, it will be the same with Bersih aka Bingai 2.0.

11 years ago @ Pure Shiite - 80:20 Vs 99% Certainty... · 1 reply · +1 points

A blog portal, all by himself. When it comes to sheer intellect, courage and power writing mixed with humour which at times is outrageously so, satD is da man.

12 years ago @ Free Malaysia Today - Guan Eng: Pakatan send... · 1 reply · +1 points

Here's a great title for the BM version: Pembangkang Terkangkang di Sarawak

12 years ago @ Free Malaysia Today - Guan Eng: Pakatan send... · 1 reply · 0 points

HAHA! Yeah, with their three seats. And PAS with their telur.
The fact is that PKR, PAS and SNAP lost big. Chinese chauvinism is alive and well.

12 years ago @ Free Malaysia Today - Guan Eng: Pakatan send... · 0 replies · 0 points

It was at the very peak in 2008... until the Permatang Pauh by-elections. From then on, it's downwards. Chinese voters CAN'T topple Barisan Nasional, period... unless you're wearing rose-tinted glasses.

So the DAP Chinese chauvinists won 12 seats... Well, to the Demi Negara knights and patriots: we know who to target now