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Amazing testimony of the Lord's protection and of your faith. I am so glad you shared this story, but I know it was difficult to do. Your church sounds awesome.

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This is a great cut and paste data solution with a map interface for engineering companies to get legally required environmental clearance faster on projects. This sounds like something every city needs. Kristen, how will you scale this nationally? Good job and good luck on Demo Day. Thanks so much for letting Chris interview you for TechDrawl. Regards to Austin, one of our favorite cities.

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Interesting data out of Annenberg study from USC. I like your revival of classic games like 'Hot Potato' as an iPhone app. That's awesome. Capital Factory has helped build some impressive companies this summer. Looking forward to Demo Day. Good work, Chris, and thanks for the interview, Matthew!

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This is one of the most disruptive, moving video interviews we have had yet on TechDrawl. I did not get the privilege of meeting Bob Pattillo at a recent Opportunity International luncheon where we were guests of Karen Robinson, Rick Cope and David Allman, but I wish I had. He is young, but he is already a great example of a life well-lived. (And, how about those returns on investments? The emerging countries seem to have exceptionally high standards for accountability. This is such a win-win investment opportunity. I look forward to Cindy's recap of #SOCAP09 next Wed. 9/9 at 10:30 a.m. at Starbucks TechSquare).

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Paul. I changed the link to donate and it should go to right spot. Yes, celiadyer@mac.com is the PayPal email address. Thank you for being #1 donor, and on an entrepreneur's budget. That says a lot. Glad you're back in town.

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Twitpay has a TechDrawl account (and uses PayPal); PayPal goes to Celia Dyer but it is all made transparent by our posts for each donation on Twitter and on IBM ManyEyes (except their server has been down for 2 days, but it should be on this site as soon as is fixed). I write a check to the recipient. So, please use Twitpay and the payee is TechDrawl!

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It's free and it is awesome! I know and trust Kimberly Turner's professionalism as a career journalist to sort through the highest quality blogs so I don't have to. The layout is super-readable. This is an app you must have. When the customized one debuts later, I will be glad to buy it. Congratulations Kimberly, Scott and Chris!

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David, hiring "the best Georgia Tech software engineer you could find" is thinking like they do in Silicon Valley from Russell Jurney interviews -- put together the very best team possible. Was your hire a contractor relationship or did that person join your team? Many startups burn through all their friends/family/credit card cash paying for software engineering when their team lacks a developer. I wonder how different 2002 different is from 2009? These days as the world has become even "flatter," is it safe to use inexpensive offshore developers like eLance or would you pay top dollar for the best developer from Georgia Tech. (Of course, I am a Tech fan and rather biased!) Thanks for a valuable lesson in iterating. Looking forward to Part 3!

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Thanks, Bart! Let @cindycheatham know your interests on healthcare issues. Social entrepreneurship is doing great things for good and we could use much of that in the South. Cindy will be a capable attendee at SOCAP '09 and we are glad to send her to research for us.

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Wei, Bennie, Heath & Ben, thanks for suggestions!