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Agree with both of you! Jason thanks me for cooking dinner every time I do, and I always thank him for doing the dishes — even though we always split the duties this way. And it really does make a difference. It feels good to be appreciated even for something that's "expected." Maybe especially so. If anyone is not doing this in their relationship (any relationship — with other family members, friends, coworkers, anything), I strongly urge you to try it!

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Wow.. AWESOME. I've seen Ren weddings and medieval weddings, but never a Viking wedding like this and it's FABULOUS.

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Me tooooo! =D Cannot WAIT. I live for this stuff.

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Love the DW stuff (Ten/Rose FTW)! What's great about it as that, even as a "secondary" theme, it fits in so perfectly with the constellation stuff. The cake is magnificent. Also, your dress! So gorgeous. What a great combination of all your interests =D

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Yay, geeky weddings are my favorite so I'm excited about Geek Week! =D

I loooove all the Converse! And of course the puppies! Yay! What a fun-looking wedding.

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OMG, these are made of so much win. So creative and geeky! Love! =D

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Wow, what an awesome locale for a wedding and for a photoshoot in general. The couple looks awesome (Converse love!) and the photos look great. Rad all around.

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I'm sure for a lot of people cost is a factor. Considering how expensive wedding dresses can get, even if you largely favor indie vendors for your wedding, it could just be cost-prohibitive to get your dress handmade or custom made or what have you. Stuff like accessories, favors, etc. is a lot easier to get from Etsy or locally, I think, without breaking the bank.

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I totally would, too! I've been obsessed with offbeat home decor since I was young, way before I was even dating, let alone married. I've always loved seeing how other people decorate their spaces, but most decor magazines & blogs are all kinda boring and homogeneous to me. I want to see the person's (or people's) essence in the space, not just a room that could have been staged by a designer, you know?

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Owning a house isn't what gives you a home. You have a home no matter where you live. The way you live, not only the way you decorate, but the way your organize your life, is what would (from what I understand) be covered on Offbeat Home.

Also, my husband and I, who also rent and have for several years (moving almost every year) talk all the time about how we can't wait to be able to afford to buy our own house and decorate it just how we want to — super geek style. Because of our current living situation, we're not able to display his massive lifelong Star Wars figure collection (among other things — like the other 3843847 comic figures & statues, etc. we have in boxes all over the house and my collection of '80s and '90s toys) but when we own, we will be able to have display cases everywhere and posters and all the autographs we got at conventions. And I dunno, I kinda don't think that fits into most people's ideas of a "norm." =)