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what's wrong with being a Mason? I think they're respectable people.

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Agreed. Wonder which brand will follow next.

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good eye! i knew i saw it somewhere before!

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yeah wonder how Rev. Run feels about the profanity. LOL. but love ang and skillz tho. they're good together :D

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i agree! i'm so happy for them both :D after all, they've spent quite a long time together. it's gonna be great seeing them make things official!

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LOL yes and now 'not caring' means writing a lengthy comment about 'not caring'.

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i think Brian's cute! lol!

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that's television, i think. staged or not, the purpose is to entertain the viewers. and so far MTV has managed to keep me glued to the TV 'coz i'm entertained by the Simmons family.

plus, i think most of the people commenting in this site are huge fans of V& A. including me. but yes, not everybody must "like" them or their ventures. we all have our own opinions.

however, i think starting the day with a little bit positivity will be better than spreading negativity. don't you think? :D

cheers and have a great day to all of you :)

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yeah i'm loving soulja boy's look. i wanna go in line for the net/net yeezys but i have to work :(