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This is me. It didn't log me in correctly. :D

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I agree with this. It seems that Posterous would be better and more free for Podcasting than this one.

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I would like to point out that FGM is not exclusively Muslim. It has been around way longer than Islam both in Arab and African cultures. It has been adopted into Islamic culture, but is only prescribed from a particular hadith and not all Muslims practice it. Having just come back from Mali a few weeks ago, I would say that the people are not very religious. They are Islamic in culture, but not in practice. If FGM is a problem there, it is because of African culture, not Islamic religion.

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I would love to use facebook connect on my blog.

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You're starting to sound a little like R.C. Sproul. I've heard him state that regeneration happens and then belief happens later when the person realizes they have been reborn. I don't find this to be the case at all, because otherwise one has a regenerated unbeliever.

John Piper has helped me to understand this. Rebirth, belief, indwelling all happen at the same time. Look up Piper's Finally Alive book at You can read it for free online.

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Ken, I'd figure I'd get a response out of you on this one. There is a serious problem in American Christianity with regards to being missional. It's just not seen as part of the Christian life. It's missions that leads anyone to Christ.

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Regeneration is not the same as receiving the Holy Spirit. One cannot receive the Holy Spirit until one is saved. I will agree with you on those points.

However, I do believe that once one is regenerated and believes, then the Holy Spirit indwells the believer. The act of believing is an exercise of faith.

Does that make sense? I don't think it's some separate act like the Pentecostals hold to. Nor do I think there is some separate act like the Wesleyans hold to at some point later in the Christian life where one becomes "perfected".

No, at the moment of belief one is baptized in the Holy Spirit. If one truly believes, that is.

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Piper = Obi-wan
Mahaney = Mace Windu

Rob Bell = Klingon from Star Trek

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Why such animosity? I simply asked a question. What do we know about the practices of AIG? Are they doing this for all people, or only for the Muslims. Personally, I don't think any of the banks should have gotten any money from the gov't. In short, the actual complaint gives very little details of what practices AIG is practicing.

Until there is further answers, it's a little ridiculous to suggest that AIG is actually promoting Sharia law. If anything, they are only catering to a few of their customers.

Why don't you think a little bit before writing off-the-cuff.

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Hey guys, thanks for the encouraging comments.