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Hee hee... it's a good thing you are there to take care of them! What would our guys do without us??
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Ha! That's funny. Well we know Alex likes his food...

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I am the organized one, by far. I have lists for my lists...and I'm not even kidding! Your story cracked me up :)
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How sweet is that?? So glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Hmmm... no kiss and tell?? Then we'll have to make up the rest!
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Oh, I love CHEESE!!

You won a sticker -- send me your address: :)

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I cannot WAIT for spring. The windchills are dangerous here today and I wish I didn't have to go out at all. Yes, this winter has been partyicularly harsh. Boo!! I love the snow of December, but now I am ready to be warm!
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Hilarious!! I seriously want to hang out with you guys :) I don't want to be included in the contest (I have a BuildASign giveaway coming up too). Good luck to everyone!

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Congrats! You and Alex are well-deserving of awards, although I think Alex might prefer a restaurant gift card...

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YES! I love cute shoes, but have such a terrible time with my feet. They are flat, flat, flat! I mostly wear comfy shoes, but when I do, I instantly regret it. Do I throw them away? Nope. Gah!

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That's good. I'm the same way with certain stuff. My friend makes these great homemade egg rolls and I will eat them until I feel sick. Literally. I usually know when to stop eating and eat very healthily, but certain things just get to me. Chocolate chip cookie dough is the same way....aaaaah!! You are not alone, my friend!
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