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What, no Wisconsin date? I was hoping they would stop at Summerfest.

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Last Wednesday, someone had an official-looking (fake) press release from RedBox announcing "FREE MOVIE WEDNESDAYS in March" attached to the machine. It had a pretty real looking letterhead and everything, and listed the code in big bold print at the bottom. Not too sure RedBox would like it if they found out who did this.

Do RedBox machines have cameras in them like ATMs?

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It seems to be working now. I got a confirmation page after I submitted it. All that was on it was a thank you message and a link back to their homepage.

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Glad to see you guys back. What company are you hosting with now? I'm looking for a reliable host for my new site and I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for yet.

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Just throwing out some midwest love for these guys!

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Neat video. Love the band. Catchy and fun to party to.

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Has anyone tried this coupon at any other B&N Bookstore Cafe locations?

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We don't have a Good Times around us, but for anyone in Wisconsin, every Tom's Drive-In location now has 79 cent hamburgers and 89 cent cheeseburgers everyday after 5pm. No coupon required!

Makes me wonder why McDonalds charges $1 for a McDouble and $1.19 for a double cheeseburger when the only difference is an extra slice of cheese. Apparenlty Tom's can charge 10 cents for a slice of cheese but McDonalds has to charge 19 cents. And McDonalds is a worldwide corporation.

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I live in an apartment. I have a question for any of your gardeners out there: will these grow ok in a planter box in my kitchen? Does lettuce need direct sunlight?

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Or maybe not. Maybe we'll get sample of one or both of those?