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What a BEAUTIFUL home ! My goodness, this was truly a diamond in the rough ! I dont know what room I can actually say I like better than the next being their all beautys. I love that head board in the master bedroom and the chalk board wall in the kitchen. So much to love in and out of this home, and I'm not just saying that. Whether it be myself or someone else that wins, you'll truly have a one of a kind gem on your hands.

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I know I'll be watching the special, I think almost everyone will. I think Vern is a fantastic designer ! He was my favorite on Trading Spaces. And I love ya Chicago !! I was just at Lincoln Pk Zoo the other day I love going there in the summer, its also beautiful for Christmas time as well. I grew up in Wriglyville I went to Blaine School and I loved growing up there. Whoever wins trust me your gonna love this city !!;)

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nice job vern! I remember you used to like to paint with alot of red when you were on Trading Spaces. Cant wait to see the place when its done. I'm with the rest of the fans, I'm not big on greens either.

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To Debbie and family, congrats and blessings ! Enjoy that home of yours . I cant wait to see the special on how they ambushed your family, and to see when you tour your new place ! ;)

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Good Morning ! Theres a few more places I would like to guide you to visit if your ever in town. Please visit Buckingham Fountain its on Lake Shore Dr. Surely the most beautiful fountain, your in for a treat .Especially at night when the lights turn on. Then right across from the fountain you can jump on a double decker boat and tour Lake Michigan, do it at night when all the citys sky scrapers are lit up! And of course if your a baseball fan you can go to a Cubs game or a Sox game. Take a ride on one of our EL trains. Thers so much to see and do here the list goes on and on. Born and raised here in Wrigleyville I still cant get enough of this city! <3

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Just to add something more about my wonderful city,do make sure to visit Willis Tower A.K.A Sears Tower, if you visit they have a fantastic sky walk/deck. Its a clear very very thick type of plastic/acrylic? Thats affixed to the building but away from it its got a clear floor as well so when you stand on it your looking straight down at the tiny streets below, its fantastic ! Also try to visit us for the 4th of July fireworks ours are great, as well as Venitian night ! Make sure to get a bite to eat Taylor St. Lots of great Italian food there. Also if your familiar with Cicero, IL, make sure to stop in at Freddys on 16th st. You'll get the best homemade Italian ice you ever tasted as well as the foods. Its a little ma & pop Italian food & icecream shop you can eat outside at the tables, theres no dine in though.

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So much to do here in our great city, if any of you come to Chicago make sure you make a visit to Navy Pier and take a ride on the GINORMOUS ferris wheel . Also take a stroll down Michigan Ave. Pricey stores beautiful buildings we have a wonderful museum of natural history. Take a stroll along the lake front and do make sure to visit our wonderful Lincoln Park zoo its free everyday of the week ! I LOVE THIS CITY !!!

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Cant wait for the tour ! I love downtown Chicago, being that I'm a native and grew up in Wrigleyville. This is going to be a great oasis right here at home !

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VERY NICE exterior ! The home has a fantastic shape, nice straight lines very modern. The outdoor patio is perfect, nice color choices. The rooms are all very nice, my favorite is the kitchen. The color of the cabinets along with the ss appliances cant be beat. The back splash is a fantastic color choice ,it all blends well. The railing to go upstairs is very nice. Good Luck to all!;)

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ATODD, the stories you have of this home that was in your family are very intersesting ! Please post more,I enjoy listening to the history of these old homes. Can you share more about how it looked when your grandparents owned it ? It was a lovely home even in the shape it was in when DIY picked it up, you can see thru it all and know this was a very inviting beautiful home in its era.:D