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We love HE! Keep the comics coming and I'll keep reading and laughing my ass off!

Thanks for the plug as well....and the "hot girls" comment. :-)

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Tim's going through the EXACT same thing right now. You two should chat. Send me a PM on Pownce if you want to! :-D

I do think we're a generation of people living "double lives". I almost feel like I'm Clark Kent/Superman at times. I fortunately love my current "day job" - It's not too stressful and it pays me very well. All the other stuff - design, podcasting, etc - are all for fun. Could I turn it into a job? Perhaps - but it would take more effort and dedication (and balls) than I'm willing to put out. As I mentioned before, Tim is going through the same thing you are. I'm supporting us both at the moment and it's because of the fact that I'm not a typical American who has to consume consume consume! I buy things I need - and that's about it. When I bought my townhouse, I bought what I could afford on my own at the time (this was pre-Tim). It's freeing severing the ties to the capitalist machine.

Best of luck on your endeavor - I'll be pulling for you!

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Hey...I go other places other than Pownce! And I can't resist a title of "I invite you to eat a dick" *snicker*

Well, DreamHost is Ok...but they get spotty at times. We were going to move to a dedicated host - but for the bandwidth we have now for being a DH customer for so many years can't compare price wise to another service. Plus when I tell other hosting sites that we host podcasts, they pee a little. :-)

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Sounds like they can eat a bag of dicks with ball gravy.

Wow....I thought DreamHost was bad. Yikes.