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The poor in the US aren't being murdered. In fact, many of them have joined the military and are responsible for a lot of the death in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are also benefiting from the exploitation of a lot of countries around the world. Remember that the poor in the US are still among the richest people in the world. Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't a growing income divide in the US, and that this isn't a serious problem, but we have to put things in context.

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Things can change a lot in 20 or 30 years. Just ask the Soviets. Remember, too, the third reich was supposed to last 1000 years. US power won't last forever, and if it is weakened, war criminals will no longer have anywhere to hide. This is something the troops need to think about today, there may be consequences to their action decades in the future.

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I don't normally make Nazi comparisons, but I think the attitude here qualifies for that comparison, if nothing else. These brown people are inferior, we will kill them regardless, but if we can get some enjoyment or even some minor distraction from it, then at least they will have served some purpose in their lives. It's racism extended to the point where the life of the "other" has no value at all, except perhaps the amusement of their murderers.

If there is ever a reckoning, and war crimes are prosecuted, those who gave the orders for the invasion, and the acts that resulted from it, will be executed. Those who carried out the orders will be either imprisoned or executed, depending on the circumstances. Today we still read stories about the few Nazis still alive, who are still occasionally being captured, tried and sentenced for their crimes. I say this to all American soldiers: Do you want to be on the run 30 or 40 or 50 years from now? If not, stop the murders and refuse your illegal orders.

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Wow, talk about blaming the messenger. If you want videos showing the US military murdering people to stop showing up on the Internet, there's an easy and effective way to do this: Stop murdering people!

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Wait, give them a chance to explain. First they need time time tie up all the dead and put out a statement that they were already dead before the bus got there.

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Palestine is occupied territory. It is an international matter, subject to international law, not an internal one.

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This is an internal matter. The UN is not supposed to get involved.

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Everyone is always condemning armed resistance by the Palestinians and asking for them to use non-violent means to resist their occupation, the theft of their land, the murder of their people, the repression and discrimination, and the continued ethnic cleansing. Well, that's what BDS is all about. There have been no suicide bombings in many years, and the vast majority of Palestinian civil society has called for boycotts, divestment and sanctions to get Israel to comply with international law. Many groups around the world, including many Jewish groups, are heeding this call. Shouldn't we be celebrating the fact that there is now a large and growing non-violent movement?

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Not to mention Canada. Canada is one of Cuba's largest trading partners, and the single largest source of tourists.

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So, they're hoping this will result in Iran having the highest standard of living and best health care system in the region?