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ok and you are here doing what I do good to know but thanks for YOUR opinion it matters so highly to me

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I am still holding firm to a team mentality. My team has been training hard to prepare for the coming storm, hell we even help some in the community. But right now I turned my team over as I am not mentally capable to run the unit in a time of crisis due to a recent development called divorce I love my wife but she is leaving all the same. I also am of mind enough to admit it I could not do my duty with the schedule so I turned over command to my XO for now till this is over then we can continue but its all about trust.

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the penny was just a way to explain how well it will cut.

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for field mice doc try a good whiskey it kills the taste buds.

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you pose a great question. And thinking back to when I wrote this article out I realize I never took into consideration the city dwellers. When the balloon goes up you have to decide what you are doing fast cause you have maybe 5-10 mins to either get out of dodge or barricade yourself in and fight it out till you can run but by then your chances are down greatly. I live out in the sticks where my time table is higher but only to about 15-20 mins either way city folk need to think about all the possible threats fire is one I never thought of cause again I am removed from city life.

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my EDC bag is a 5.11 tactical bag I bought on sale for 30 bucks. It was a great buy and has made me think more on multi purpose items to save on space. I also was thinking about having my team get them so we all would have them and be ready to go at a moments notice.

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one thing you might want to think on is even though you are young and inexperienced as you say you do have something us as older people don't have. The ability to learn fast and true the older you get the harder it is to stop bad habits and listen to the younger generation. Just remember that all of your team is not alone there are many preppers/survivalist groups and listen to the old timers talk you can learn a lot from them. Never sell yourself short.

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thnaks T.J. i am looking into Survival quarterly sounds like my type of publication

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hey chef thanks for the tips and i love my camelback pack for short day or two jonts

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those are nice but in my group we are looking at the 5.11 tactical gear i am doing a review on their push bag which is like a shoulder bag for my guys right now.