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Make it a toll bridge. And if you live in Portland and have a valid Portland address you get a permit card to put on your card free of charge . If you live in Clackamas County then you have to pay for your permit card/toll if you want to use the bridge.

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Yes, this is really news. You may have the opinion that this is not that important and/or news worthy however you are not the only person that reads the news here.

Me and a couple of people find this as news, why you may ask? Well that does not really matter. It could be that we knew the person, we live in the area or drive down this road. Whatever the reason it is news to us is not of your business and we are glad they posted this story.

Oh and as a side note I am glad that they don't post news stories that you only you would find as news.

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So your saying that there will be no additional costs associated with this then there would be for a normal training session?

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No doubt.

They just add another tax onto fuel prices then do this. You see where our government has it's priorities set. Not with the people, with those is office.

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Out of curiosity did it start in any components that have to do with the braking system?

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Mormon's don't have plural wives, they don't allow it, and they excommunicate you if you practice polygamy.

Churches that do practice polygamy like the FLDS are not affiliated with the Mormon church.

RoyEarle do some research before you post. I didnt have a difficult time looking up the information before I posted. Try Wikipedia.

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What I am wondering is if the Federal Goverment fails to take acceptable action to resolve a situation such as immigration then doesn't Arizona or any other state have the constitutional right to make such a law?

My reading of the article would seem to say yes Arizona does have the right. Is this correct?

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People these days just think they are above the law. I have had to stand outside my house with a video recorder to get them to slow down my street.

The street is for them and them alone. They do not care that they are breaking the laws, they do not care about my property that may be damaged on the street, they do not care about my pets and what is the worst of all is that they do not care about my kids. How ignorant of me to want the same rights for myself.

All I apparently deserve for living in a location with a similar issue and wanting it to be safe is the possibility to be attacked by those in the wrong.