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Fantastic will keep you updated!

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Sorry for the delayed response. I was simply my thoughts at the time. If I had to put an author/pastor to have stirred those thoughts it probably would have been Francis Chan and/or a couple other people I listen to at times.

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hater! :D

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the Field of Dreams church growth strategy...


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When does “Christian opinion” become hate?

While I do agree we need to allow the light within us to expose the darkness in others but we should always remember to let the light do that. We should always be showing love and grace in everything. We SHOULD NEVER come off judging...offense should only be found in Truth and not action. For it divides the spirit and soul and judges our thoughts and attitudes. Hebrews 4:12

I personally challenge some of the reports from "law student witnesses". I would say 1) they misunderstood or 2) fabricated a lie on a couple of the points mentioned. If they are true then the anti-gay group would be wrong.

If by their definition a hate group is people who think another group of people are perverted or evil then I would think that all Christianity would be seen as a hate group. For we believe that the lifestyle that homosexuals are living is perversion and therefore they would be perverted...hence "hate group".

My only question to this method of ministry is WHY would you want to be known as a voice to expose 1 sin? Wouldn't it be more effective to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and show people they are sinful despite homosexuality through the word of God? That we are sinners to? Allow the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of men and women rather than us trying to convince them of Truths?

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On the spanking issue: Without using my personal encounters with the practice I will point out there are several missed points made in that blog. 1) Consistency - while I do not have kids I can tell that no discipline will work without it. 2) Spanking in my opinion should be used in conjunction with other disciplinary actions; such as groundings, extra chores, volunteerism, etc. 3) I personally feel very necessary.

The opinion that those who do it are lazy parents is almost shocking but in today's society I am rarely shocked anymore. Here are my thoughts and observations.
1) I feel it is very necessary BUT I feel a parent should never spank when they are angry, the child should understand their wrong, and in most cases the last measure of discipline when all other resources have been used...if following that imo that takes discipline and work on the parents part.
2) I do agree the child should be awarded for the good they do when they are being taught right and wrong...though we have to remember we are training children not dogs. There comes a point when the child must learn that he does what is right not because he is rewarded but because it is expected.
3) Active parenting is the most important aspect to parenting in my opinion. If a father or mother is actively involved in their kids lives, loving, nurturing, comforting, etc they will not only love them but respect them. It is in that respect that kids will be apt to obey.

I have had the opportunity to observe many different parenting discipline styles and I can tell you the least effective is the ones who do not spank. While I think their intentions are good, they tend to either be blinded to what their kids are doing or they are choosing to ignore it. Which at that point consistency is lost.

I personally was always closer to teachers/adults who were strict with me and didn't put up with my crap than the adults I could walk over. I also respected them more. I came from, in today's terms and probably the same when I was a kid, an abusive home at times. My opinions are formed from my own personal experiences...my rebellion came from resentment and a feeling of no one caring...hence I no longer cared. Anyways, just my two cents...I know many would disagree. Many of my siblings disagree with me, that's the beautiful thing about opinions. I am also leery of ideas being pushed on our generation, especially when it challenges practices used since the beginning of time. Much of our generation is lazy, naive, and blinded to what Hollywood/Media tells us. They have become numb to moral lines and more accepting of faux pas...to where generations after us are oblivious to the line that used to exist. I do not trust our day and age. This lifestyle runs into their parenting and passed on to the next generation. T.V.'s, video games, and other media raises our kids because many parents are to busy working to take time to teach them.

To sum up: Spanking is good discipline when not done in anger, child knows why, used in conjunction with other punishments, all discipline is consistent, and complimented with parents who are active in the child's life.

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Thanks Jonathan...I do remember learning about that.

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i am shocked at how many I knew. I think the 15 question quiz focused on the religious based questions only...there were a lot of demographic questions in the questionnaire.

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I got 13 out of 15...should have known 1 of them. Jewish sabbath but for some reason was thinking Saturday...but that is the first day of the week for them maybe.

I also missed "Which one of these preachers participated in the period of religious activity known as the First Great Awakening?"
Jonathan Edwards, Charles Finney, Billy Graham.

I know it wasn't Billy Graham heard of Charles Finney...no clue who Jonathan Edwards is. I chose Charles Finney...lol

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Is it really that shocking they have followers? We live in an age where many people believe what they hear as truth and do not seek knowledge for themselves. How do the David Koresh's get members preaching an insane doctrine, like sleeping with children...but parents seem to still offer their kids to them.

Though I am extremely picky as to who I allow myself to sit under...so I have never heard of Popoff, nice name, but 100% for sure I wouldn't give him the time of day. Like the rant.