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Hmmm....unless he verbally committed himself in a monogamist way...sounds like he was practicing nonattachment or free love to me. A zen buddhist poser! Oh and guys that say namaste get plenty of play so do girls. ;-)

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It is ironic that a group that promotes the ethical treatment of animals and eating a healthy vegetarian diet would want someone who is far from natural representing their definition of a healthy lifestyle. It is not the ad that objectifies a women per se it is the woman in the ad that objectifies women. I am sick of seeing fake plastic women representing so many things in our society. She has plastic breast for gosh sakes...and no she did not have breast cancer. Hell, if we were not such a vain society then perhaps breast cancer survivors would not feel the need to insert plastic filled balls into their bodies either. Just my two cents from someone who has been in health care for over eighteen years. It is bad enough I thought I should color my hair in my twenties...dumbest think I ever thought I needed to try. All colors beautiful! Embrace who we are people...damn I'm a natural strawberry blond!