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    My dear RhunDraco, first of all, thank you for your reply. "theory" itself is not fact, otherwise it would be called physical law, and I truly hope that you are not telling me that no theorist have ever made up information just to support their predetermined conclusions, because I have seen this happen, it keeps grant money flowing. As a Christian I have no such agenda, and I truly believe what I am saying, therefore no lie is being told here. In my lifetime alone I have seen man go to the moon, and I truly thought they would come back with some sort of organism or at least the evidence that some form of life existed in the past. Since that time I have watched science basically give up on looking for life and focus on trying to prove that simple water has ever existed anywhere else and have not been able to do so. It seems that every time some scientific fact is proven it has the unintended fallout of disproving some other scientific theory while at the same time never proving the Bible wrong, this fact speaks volumes. As I stated in my earlier comment I believe that it takes a leap of faith to to go either way and I choose God, my intention here is not to prove you or anyone wrong, I have no need to do so, but simply convey to you the peace that I have in excepting Christ and his teachings, in the hope that you can find it as well.    still praying, James.   

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Dear Naon, my intention, by far is not, to force my belief on anyone. You are obviously very intelligent with a passion for science, I share this passion as well, It is an astoundingly useful tool. Science tells us matter can not be created or destroyed, merely converted from one form to another, and I believe this as fact. I assume you do as well. It is my belief that to assume cosmic matter just appeared from nothing is scientifically impossible. So a leap of faith is required to believe that it did. Therefore our very existence "is" positive evidence of the existence of God the Creator. I simply choose this leap of faith over the one that allows me to believe something was created from nothing much less, that chance brought everything together to create life as we know it. I do not know if you purposely omitted any comment of my reference to the fact that we have no explanation for magnetism, but imagine the consequences if we remove the existence of just this "one" phenomenon, I certainly would not be able to communicate with you about God, and his love for you, even if you do not believe in him. By the way, have you tried reading the bible? continuing to pray... James

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The way I see things is that the definition of "space" can be like the definition of cold as the absence of heat, or to say space is the absence of matter, the basic teaching of science is that some form of matter combined to start the whole process that led to the creation of the universe and on to evolution. There is not even a comical, let alone a plausible theory of where or how this "mysterious" matter came into being. So until this simple question can be answered by science every concept of evolution will remain THEORY! Just as we know how to manipulate magnetism into electricity and all the marvels of science it produced, we still can not explain precisely how it works. Any Christian will tell you faith is a requirement, God designed things for this reason, to believe that something was created from nothing requires a leap of faith, and that this concept will still be true until the end of time,I therefore, choose GOD. I will continue to pray for you and should you decide to change your mind checkout http://church-of-christ.org/who.html#believe In Christian love, James..