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Can't agree more with you.
Thank God for David Horowitz and Glenn Beck for exposing the real traitors:

Obama and George Soros

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We have a Constitution and American laws, written by our founders and given to us by God.

Sharia Law is a violent, antiquated law written by a man who married a 6 year old girl. When practiced, it's anti-woman,
anti-children and keeps humans in the 3rd century.

Hey liberals. These laws will go after you first. Gays are killed, woman are property, killings are justified and they will
use the law to justifiy murder, rape, stealing, etc.

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Typical liberal with no common sense.

This is why so many people hate lawyers and judges.

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Sounds like a stick-up by the U.N. for more money.

The U.N. is made up of little terror states and poor socialist countries
trying to rob America. Let's turn the U.N. into another NYC housing project.

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First, thank you for your son's service in the Navy.

You know what they say, "what goes around, comes around".

Now the UNION GUYS who used to wear American flags on their hard hats
have to start supporting America first, and not their health care benefits.

And Obama, Soros, liberal dems can go to the bowels of earth.

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Maybe Obama can share a beer with another professor.

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You're a jerk and the comments can't be backed and your a waste of time to talk to.
Go back under your rock.

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In the early 1970's, the liberals were proud to say they were on Nixon's enemy list.

Today, as a grown man I hope that I'm on that list!

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Let Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter attempt to show some leadership and stop
making comments that are counter productive.

If he thinks we can withstand another terror attack, let it happen to his family. Bet they are well protected.

Don't like my comments? Good! Now secure our country and stop all the talk and show action.

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This guy was a law clerk for Justice Suiter.

He's a jerk... let his family absorb a terror attack. Obama is NOT protecting us but
for some reason setting us up for an attack by his actions. No protection or security
on the borders. Only people protected these days are Obama and the jerks in the
Capitol Building.