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This is GREAT news! This was one of the first blogs I ever started reading and it inspired me to become a blogger about 4 years ago. My site just started being successful enough for me to quit my job and blog full time earlier this year, so thanks.

It's good to have you guys back.

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Wooo! Thanks for featuring Albotas! YOU'RE awesome!

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Mad jealous! Been wanting to go to e3 ever since I was a kid. Ever since I started my blog I've tried to go, but plans always fall through for some reason or another each and every year. Hopefully I'll be there next year.

Have fun!

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Haha! That's my cat!!! Thanks for posting this, guys!

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I never even thought about Mario 64 as being a movie, but it totally makes sense! Awesome writeup and I'm glad to see the site's back in working order!

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AWESOME!!! I got the Pee Wee Christmas Special for Christmas and watched it with my girlfriend's kids. THEY LOVED IT!!! Good to know Pee Wee humor ages well.

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Hearsay as in... we HEARD Mr. Shane Jessup SAY to us that it was happening at this year's comic con.

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So I'm thinking that Richard comes from the same circle as Jacob and his enemy that took over Locke's body. I'm also thinking that Jacob's enemy either used the likeness of Jack's dad, or there's a 4th ageless person that we haven't met yet.

I'm thinking there's only 3 because check this out from

"The opening scene of Jacob spinning is a reference to The Fates; three Greek mythological women who were the spinners of destiny. The first fate spun the thread of life; she determined the time of a person's birth. The second fate measured the thread of life; she determined a person's life span. The third fate was the cutter of the thread of life; she determined the time of a person's death."

I'm pretty sure that Jacob was a good guy just basing it off the fact that he wore a white shirt and his enemy wore a black shirt in the opening scene. Symbolic storytelling.

Also, What lies in the shadow of the statue? "Ille qui nos omnes servabit" aka "He who will save us all."

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Thanks for the head's up Arkov! Props on these. I wanna pick up a box of LEGOS and try this on my own.